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Science Questions 2018 Top 20 Science and Technology Current Affairs Q.A

Science Questions 2018 Top 20 Science and Technology
Current Affairs Q.A

Science Questions 2018

Science Questions 2018 Most Important Latest Current Affairs.

Below we have given the Science Questions 2018 Top 20 Science and Technology Latest Current Affairs Questions Answers 2018. These Science Questions 2018 are very important for all competitive examinations in this year.
So read now all these Science Questions 2018 and increase your GK Level.

Question No (1) Planet EPIC 211945201b was discovered by whom?
Answer: Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad of ISRO.

Question No (2) Which country going to launch ‘Long March-5B rocket’ (capable of carrying 25,000 kg payload) in 2019?
Answer: China.

Question No (3) World’s second oldest rock is found at where?
Answer: Champua at Kendujhar district of Odisha India.

Question No (4) Who launched the “APSTAR-6C” Communication Satellite?
Answer: China (to provide TV transmission, communication, Internet services).

Question No (5) An atomic clock to be used in navigation satellites is developed by whom?
Answer: ISRO.

Question No (6) An Earth-sized planet-“K2-229b” is discovered by scientists. It is located on how many light-years away?
Answer: 260 million light-years.

Question No (7) Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) developed which instrument to measures the traces of uranium in water?
Answer: Fluorimeter.

Question No (8) Which companies are working together to launch 4G mobile network in the moon?
Answer: Vodafone, Nokia and Audi with Berlin-based space exploration scientists.

Question No (9) Name the new plant species from West Bengal discovered by the scientists of Botanical Survey of India?
Answer: Drypetes kalamii.

Question No (10) An Earth observation satellite Gaofen-6 was launched by which country?
Answer: China (by a Long March-2D rocket).

Question No (11) World’s smallest computer “Michigan Micro Mote” has been build by whom?
Answer: Researchers at the University of Michigan, United States.

Question No (12) NASA’s InSight Spacecraft is on its Way to which planet?
Answer: MARS.

Question No (13) To share earth observation data from each other’s satellites, India signed an agreement with which whom?
Answer: European Union.

Question No (14) NASA’s Parker Probe is the first mission to the Sun, scheduled for which date?
Answer: July 31, 2018.

Question No (15) Which institute developed a ‘LifeBox’ to extend the preservation time of organs?
Answer: IISc Bangalore.

Question No (16) Project HAVOC belongs to which space agency to study Venus from a Floating research colony?
Answer: NASA.

Question No (17) ISRO launched which sounding rocket for atmospheric studies?
Answer: RH300.

Question No (18) Researchers of University of Minnesota found a new element with magnetic properties?
Answer: Ruthenium (Ru).

Question No (19) ‘Queqiao Satellite’ to explore dark side of Moon was launched by which country?
Answer: China.

Question No (20) Which country made clone monkeys for the first time in the world?
Answer: China.

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