Shift from Engineering to Humanities

Shift from Engineering to Humanities

Engineering, as the word comes in our mind makes us think of innovations and mega structures we created till now. Since BC Technology was the main key for everything. From the creation of fire to the creation of flamethrowers, and from the creation of huts to the creation of the tallest building on the planet. Engineering has changed our lives on a daily basis. The world develops every second as our scientists work hard on generating new technologies and breaking their own records of accomplishments. As a result of that new opportunities always arrives at the door-steps of young and talented engineers to use their creativity and passions for the better development of the world.

In India, Engineering is given the topmost priority as the children’s future by their parents. The variety of Courses and Curriculums in Engineering field helps them to peruse their passion as an Engineer. India has one of the best colleges for engineering like Indian Institute of Technology [IIT], from which IIT Madras is the top most Engineering college in India.

JEE Main 2020 is the popular engineering entrance exam in India. It will be conducted by CBSE for admission to B.E./B.Tech & B.Arch courses. On the basis of JEE Main, candidates are admitted to NITs, CFTIs, and other engineering institutions. JEE Main is also the eligibility test for JEE Advanced which offers admission to IITs & ISM.

On the other hand, we have mastery in Medicine also, the history of practicing medicine in India also goes way back in BC. We have some of the best medical colleges in India.

NEET 2020 is the national level examination for admission to MBBS & BDS courses. CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is the conducting authority which organizes the NEET examination every year in various cities across the country. NEET exam is a gateway for admissions into medical & dental UG courses offered by various government and private medical colleges of the country.

But due to a large number of engineers and doctors in our country, the competition rises to the peek and lots of students even shifted their careers into other occupations. Even parents nowadays don’t want their children to get stuck in this pit hole and destroy their careers.

As lots of opportunities are coming for career building, parents and children are started thinking out of the box and choosing the right field to follow their passion.

Career building courses like:

  • Graphic Design
  • Animation Design
  • Video Editing
  • Spa Management
  • Beautician Courses
  • Event Management
  • Fashion Designing
  • Food Chemist
  • Digital Marketing

This changes the whole scenario as students have a lack of good job opportunities, as are shifting their career from engineering and Medical section to these huge, booming and long-lasting fields. It’s not like that we don’t have engineers and doctors anymore, but when it comes to getting a secured future for our youth Engineering is getting way behind than these 9 sections in which students can learn and enjoy working as well.

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