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South Africa Top GK Questions and Answers

South Africa Top GK Questions and Answers – Read about the country South Africa in this post. We have updated top most general knowledge and current affairs about South Africa here. These all questions answers about South Africa are very important to learn.
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Question:- (1) What is the currency of South Africa?
Answer:- South African rand (ZAR).

Question:- (2) When the ‘Nelson Mandela’ was president of South Africa?
Answer:- 1994 to 1999.

Question:- (3) Who was the first and second Prime Minister of South Africa?
Answer:- Louis Botha (Elected in 1910 and 1915).

Question:- (4) Which is the largest city of South Africa?
Answer:- Johannesburg.

Question:- (5) According to 2007 the population of Johannesburg was?
Answer:- 4.435 million.

Question:- (6) What is the population of South Africa?
Answer:- 54,956,900 (according to 2015).

Question:- (7) What is the capital of South Africa?
Answer:- There are 3 Capitals of South Africa : ‘Cape Town’ is the legislative capital, ‘Pretoria’ is the administrative capital and ‘Bloemfontein’ is the judicial capital.

Question:- (8) South Africa was discovered by whom?
Answer:- Portuguese mariner Bartolomeu Dias.

Question:- (9) Who is the South Africa national animal?
Answer:- Springboks.

Question:- (10) Who is the South Africa national bird?
Answer:- Blue Crane.

Question:- (11) When National anthem of South Africa was adopted‎?
Answer:- 1997.

Question:- (12) Where is the Table Mountain in South Africa?
Answer:- Cape Town.

Question:- (13) What is the height of Devil’s Peak in South Africa?
Answer:- 1,000 m.

Question:- (14) Which is the longest river in South Africa?
Answer:- Orange River (2,200 km long).

Question:- (15) Who is the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation of  South Africa?
Answer:- Maite Nkoana-Mashabane (since 2009).

Question:- (16) Who is the South African Minister of Correctional Services?
Answer:- Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula (since 2012).

Question:- (17) Who is the president of South Africa?
Answer:- Jacob Zuma (since 9 May 2009 and re-elected in 2014).

Question:- (18) Where is Royal Bafokeng Stadium in South Africa?
Answer:- Phokeng town.

Question:- (19) What is the Freedom Day of South Africa?
Answer:- 27 April.

Question:- (20) When South African National Space Agency was formed?
Answer:- 9 December 2010.

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