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Space Science Related Top 20 Common Questions You Should Know In 2021-22

Hello Dear Students. Welcome in ‘GKQUESTIONBANK‘. In This Most Important Post We Have Given ‘Space Science Related Top 20 Common Questions You Should Know In 2021′. So let’s Start Reading These Space Science Related General Knowledge Questions Answers and Boost Your General Knowledge For Any Competition.

Space Science Related Top 20 Common Questions You Should Know In 2021

Space Science Related Top 20 Common Questions You Should Know In 2021


Question No (1) Starlink Internet Satellites is a world biggest space programme by which company?
Answer: SpaceX.

Question No (2) NASA Glenn Research Center at Ohio was founded in January 23, 1942. What type of research this center do?
Answer: Develop science and technology for use in aeronautics and space.

Question No (3) Kraken Mare is very large Lake or Sea founded in the Moon of Saturn. On which moon of the Saturn this lake was founded?
Answer: Titan (this lake is more than 1,000 feet or 300 meters deep.

Question No (4) Rigel is a blue supergiant that is the brightest star in which constellation?
Answer: Constellation Orion.

Question No (5) By which mission in January 2021, space agency ‘SpaceX’ going to launch 143 different types of satellites into space?
Answer: Transporter-1 mission.

Question No (6) Who has been appointed as the Acting Administrator of NASA in January 2021?
Answer: Steve Jurczyk.

Question No (7) Which space agency is developing Starship mission to carry people and cargo to the moon, Mars and other cosmic destinations?
Answer: SpaceX.

Question No (8) To send satellites into space on multiple flights a day which company going to send it’s Mk-II Aurora space plane?
Answer: Dawn Aerospace.

Question No (9) Tiantong 1-03 communications satellite is belongs to which country space agency?
Answer: China.

Question No (10) Space Settlement Concept ‘O’Neill Cylinder ‘ was proposed by whom?
Answer: Physicist Gerard K. O’Neill.

Question No (11) According to the annual report release of global temperature data by NASA and NOAA, which year was hottest year on record?
Answer: 2020.

Question No (12) Parker Solar Probe got closest approach to the sun on January 17, 2021 while traveling at what speed?
Answer: 290,000 mph (470,000 kph).

Question No (13) To study of Asteroid Bennu, NASA’s send which spacecraft to the Asteroid?
Answer: OSIRIS-REx spacecraft.

Question No (14) Which spacecraft of NASA’s captured image of the blue haze around the dwarf planet Pluto?
Answer: NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft Probe.

Question No (15) ‘LauncherOne’ is a two-stage orbital launch vehicle. It is developed by whom?
Answer: Virgin Orbit (Space Launch Services Provider for small satellite).

Question No (16) ‘Space Launch System’ is a launch vehicle developed by which space agency in USA?
Answer: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Question No (17) ‘Vaonis’ is going to launch which smart telescope to make astrophotography much easier?
Answer: Vespera.

Question No (18) Space Shuttle Challenger disaster was happened on which date?
Answer: January 28, 1986.

Question No (19) NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity marked how many days on Mars (on January 12, 2021)?
Answer: 3,000 Mars days.

Question No (20) Who is the author of the book “Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth” will launch in February 2021?
Answer: Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb.

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