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Do you want Sponsor your articles/post and publish on ‘GKQUESTIONBANK.COM‘?

THEN YES. You can sponsor your site/blog through us. Below prices are effective from September 1st, 2018.


We are offering the price of INR 800/Article (1st article) and INR 500/article (after 1st published article) for Bloggers and Website owners in India.
For non educational content (Like; Tech Blog/Website, Personal Website/Blog, Health Care Website/Blog or Affiliates site) if you just want to promote your website or blog then it will cost you 1,200/Article. You can pay through Paytm/PayPal.


If you are outside from India then we charged just 31$/Article (1st article) and 25$/article (for 2nd and further article).
For the non educational content articles (Tech Blog/Website, Personal Website/Blog, Health Care Website/Blog or Affiliates site) we charged 60$/1st Articles then 51$ for 2nd and further. You can pay through PayPal.

Details and process:

  • Send us 1-2 light images (500*250 Dimension) for your article and content (educational contents & SEO Friendly for our site) in a word file. We will review your content before publishing.
  • After review we will publish the article on the same day and let you know through email conversation.
    We will send you the published URL and our payment address.
  • Finally send us payment in INR through PayTm or PayPal.
  • Your article will be live on our site for all the time.

Contact Us: gkquestionbank1@gmail.com

Hope to talk with you soon.

Note: Till (July 1st, 2018) We have been published upto 12 Articles for different Bloggers and Website Owners from India and outside from the country. Some of them are big portal about General Knowledge & News, College & Admission related websites and Online Jobs Platforms.
No matter your website is from India or outside. We will review the article and if your content meet our guidelines then we will publish your article on the same day on gkquestionbank.
So if you want to publish you article today then contact us as soon as and we will live your 1st article on the same day.