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Top 10 Most Important Questions Answers On ISRO Chandrayaan-2 Mission 2019 | Live Updates | Key Notes |

Top 10 Most Important Questions Answers On ISRO Chandrayaan-2 Mission 2019

10 Most Important Questions Answers On ISRO Chandrayaan-2 Mission 2019

Some Live Updates From Chandrayaan-2 Mission

  • According to the ISRO Chairman ‘Kailasavadivoo Sivan’ on 1 January 2020, the government had approved a spacecraft and rover to land with India’s third moon mission, Chandrayaan 3 on the Moon’s south pole latest by early 2021.
  • Indian Space Research Organisation is also planning to launch Chandrayaan 3 to land on the Moon in November 2020.
  • According to the ISRO’s Chief K. Sivan ‘the Orbiter of the Chandrayaan-2 mission is performing normally and all 8 payloads in the orbiter are working very well’.
  • While distance from the surface of the Moon was 2.1 Km the communication with the Vikram Lender was lost on 7th September 2019.
  • ISRO and NASA scientist are working continuously to resume the communication with the Vikram Lender since communication was lost on 7th September 2019.
  • Mission Chandrayaan-2 landing time on moon was scheduled between 1:30-2:30 am on Saturday 7th September, 2019.
  • The Chandrayan-2 Spacecraft performed successfully second de-orbiting maneuver on 4th September 2019.
  • Chandrayaan-2 successfully performed its third orbit maneuver around the Moon on 30th August 2019 according to the ISRO.
  • Chandrayaan-2’s lander ‘Vikram’ shot first photo of the Moon on August 21st, 2019 from a height of 2,650 Kilometers.
  • On August 20th, 2019 Chandrayaan-2 reached moon while entered the Lunar Orbit.

Live Updates Source: ISRO and Online News Portals.

Top 10 Most Important Questions Answers On
ISRO Chandrayaan-2 Mission 2019

Question No (1)  Chandrayaan-2 of ISRO is the India’s which lunar expedition of the Moon?
Answer:  Second.

Question No (2)  Chandrayaan-2 mission is to be explore the completely unexplored section of which region of the Moon?
Answer:  Moon South Polar region.

Question No (3)  Chandrayaan-2 mission was launched to conduct which study and analysis of the Moon?
Answer:  Detailed topographical studies and comprehensive mineralogical analyses.

Question No (4)  Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft was successfully launched from the Earth on which date?
Answer:  July 22, 2019.

Question No (5)  Chandrayaan-2 was scheduled for landing on the Moon site on which date?
Answer:  September 7, 2019.

Important Questions Answers On ISRO Chandrayaan 2 Mission

Image Credit: ISRO. Important Questions Answers On ISRO Chandrayaan 2 Mission.

Question No (6)  How many payloads were there in the Chandrayaan-2 Mission?
Answer:  These are three; Orbiter payloads, Vikram payloads and Pragyan payloads.

Question No (7)  By which rocket the Chandrayaan-2 was launched into space?
Answer:  Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark-III (GSLV Mk-III).

Question No (8)  What was the Key payloads for study of the Moon in the Chandrayaan-2 Mission?
Chandrayaan 2 Large Area Soft X-ray Spectrometer.

Imaging IR Spectrometer.
Synthetic Aperture Radar L & S Band.
Orbiter High Resolution Camera.
Chandra’s Surface Thermo-physical Experiment.
Alpha Particle X-ray Spectrometer and Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscope.

Question No (9)  Orbiter payloads of the Chandrayaan-2 Mission is to conduct remote-sensing observations from the orbit of the Moon of which height?
Answer:  100 km orbit.

Question No (10)  Chandrayaan-2 was launched from which launch site in India?
Answer:  Satish Dhawan Space Centre (in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh).

Key Notes On Chandrayaan-2 Mission:

Chandrayaan-2 mission was launch initially scheduled for 14 July 2019 but due to the technical glitch it was rescheduled to 22 July 2019 for the lift off. Chandrayaan-2 is developed by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and it was launched on 22nd July 2019 from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre. At the launched time the lift-off mass was 3,850 kg.
By Chandrayaan-2 mission, ISRO scientist planned to conduct detailed study of topography, seismography, mineral identification and distribution, surface chemical composition, thermo-physical characteristics of top soil and composition of the tenuous lunar atmosphere of the Moon.
Chandrayaan-2 was scheduled for land on Moon South Polar region on September 7, 2019. Chandrayaan-2 is the combination of 3 Payloads i.e, Orbiter, Vikram and Pragyan. The expected operating time of Pragyan Rover was about one lunar day (14 Earth days).

Key Notes On Chandrayaan-2 Mission

Image Credit : ISRO.  Chandrayaan-2 Mission.

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