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100 Easy General Knowledge Questions and Answers

100 Easy General Knowledge Questions and Answers
Easy Questions and Answers

In this Post We updated the Top 100 Easy General Knowledge Questions and Answers for competitive exams preparation. These are very interesting questions answers and we hope you will love these 100 Easy Questions and Answers.

We have includes the Questions from World GK, Indian GK, History and Politics, Current News and Top most News Updated Questions Answers on this Post.

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Question (1)What is the total height of Multi purpose Tower ‘Burj Khalifa’ situated in Dubai?
Answer:- Burj Khalifa is total height of 829.8 m or 2,722 ft.

Question (2) Who is the UN Secretary General?
Answer:- Antonio Guterres (since 1st January 2017).

Question (3) What was ‘Word of the Year-2017’ according to the Oxford Dictionaries?
Answer:- Youthquake.

Question (4) NASA launched the ‘OSIRIS-REx’ Mission to collect samples from which Asteroid?
Answer:- Asteroid Bennu.

Question (5) World’s first hydrogen-powered train was launched in which country?
Answer:- Germany.

Question (6) How many Satellites in a single mission using PSLV C-37 launched in February 15th 2017?
Answer:- Total 104 satellites.

Question (7) Reliance Jio has launched which digital wallet service for peoples?
Answer:- JioMoney.

Question (8) Name the new app name of ‘Tez app’ running by the Google?
Answer:- Google Pay.

Question (9) What do you mean by the Solar Wind?
Answer:- This is happen when sun release the continuous flow of charged particles and which permeates the Solar System.

Question (10) Which is the second largest moon in our solar system?
Answer:- Titan (Saturn moon) is the second largest moon in our solar system.

Question (11) Mostly which gases found of the planet Jupiter?
Answer:- Hydrogen and Helium.

Question (12) What are the name of Galilean moons?
Answer:- Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto (moons of Jupiter).

Question (13) Name the Galaxy is closest to our Galaxy ‘Milky Way’?
Answer:- Andromeda Galaxy.

Question (14) What is the age of Earth as calculated?
Answer:- Age of Earth is 4.543 billion years.

Question (15) Which planet have the ‘Great Red Spot’?
Answer:- Jupiter.

Question (16) What is the full form of NASA?
Answer:- The ‘National Aeronautics and Space Administration’.

Question (17) What is the full form of ESA?
Answer:- ‘European Space Agency’.

Question (18)  Which service is used for sending or receiving mail on the Internet?
Answer:- Email.

Question (19)  The term known as the electric meeting is what?
Answer:- Teleconferencing.

Question (20)  What do you mean by IP address?
Answer:- Internet protocol.

Question (21)  What do you mean by modem?
Answer:- This is the combined device for modulation and demodulation.

Question (22) Who set up the dual system of administration in Bengal?
Answer:- Robert Clive.

Question (23) Who give the first call of ‘India for Indians’ for Swarajya?
Answer:- ‘Dayanand Saraswati’.

Question (24) Who established a trading post in 1612 at Gujarat?
Answer:- British.

Question (25) What was the year of Regulating Act?
Answer:- In 1773.


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