Top 100 GK Questions Current Affairs 21-31 August 2018 In English

Top 100 GK Questions Current Affairs 21-31 August 2018
In English

Read and Learn the Top 100 GK Questions Current Affairs 21-31 August 2018 In English Language.
Hello Readers, In this post we have given the top 100 Current Affairs + GK Question of The Day related to each day between 21 to 31st August. We hope these questions will boost your General Knowledge and also help in upcoming competitive examinations.

Top 100 GK Questions Current Affairs 21-31 August 2018 In English

Top 100 GK Questions Current Affairs 21-31 August 2018 In English

So lets read now these Top 100 GK Questions Current Affairs 21-31 August 2018 and increase your GK.

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Question No (1) Which country has successfully exited its final, 3-year bailout programme, according to European Stability Mechanism?
Answer: Greece.

Question No (2) Name the Space Agency confirmed presence of ice on Moon using data from the Chandrayaan-I spacecraft?
Answer: NASA.

Question No (3) Who won silver in the men’s double trap shooting event at the 2018 Asian Games?
Answer: Shardul Vihan.

Question No (4) Where the CEPR and NITI Aayog’s ‘2018 India Banking Conclave’ was held?
Answer: New Delhi.

Question No (5) India signed the Second Protocol amending the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement with which country?
Answer: Singapore.

Question No (6) Who has been sworn in as the president of Zimbabwe?
Answer: Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Question No (7) Which state government of India has launched a campaign to highlight the impact of plastic pollution?
Answer: Tamil Nadu.

Question No (8) Who launched a programme ‘Mu Hero, Mu Odisha’ to identify young talents?
Answer: Odisha government.

Question No (9) Which Ministry has sanctioned two new projects under Heritage and North East Circuits of Swadesh Darshan Scheme (SDS) in Punjab and Tripura?
Answer: Ministry of Tourism, India.

Question No (10) Which University is renamed its new management school as ‘Atal Bihari Vajpayee School of Management and Entrepreneurship’?
Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).

Question No (11) The 2019 Asian Youth and Junior Weightlifting Championships will be hosted by which country?
Answer: North Korea.

Question No (12) Who brokes the national record in the men’s 400 metres hurdles to claim the silver medal at the Asian Games?
Answer: Dharun Ayyasamy.

Question No (13) World bank provide a loan amount of 250 million USD for which Indian state?
Answer: Rajasthan.

Question No (14) World Mosquito Day was observed on which date?
Answer: Aug 20th.

Question No (15) Who clinched Silver medal in the men’s 50m Rifle in 2018 Asian Games?
Answer: Indian shooter Sanjeev Rajput.

Question No (16) Name the European wind survey satellite launched from French Guiana?
Answer: Aeolus.

Question No (17) Who has been elected as the 30th prime minister of Australia?
Answer: Scott Morrison.

Question No (18) FAME India scheme second phase going to launched by whom?
Answer: PM Shri Narendra Modi.

Question No (19) India’s tallest Film Studio was inagurated at where?
Answer: Tamil Nadu.

Question No (20) Which space agency plans to outsource the production of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicles (PSLVs) and Small Satellite Launch Vehicles (SSLVs) to private Industries?
Answer: ISRO.

Question No (21) New version of Ciaz 2018 launched by which company?
Answer: Maruti Suzuki.

Question No (22) Which is the second fastest growing airport in the world?
Answer: Kempegowda International Airport.

Question No (23) Who won Gold medal in Tennis mixed doubles at the Asian Games 2018?
Answer: Bopanna-Sharan.

Question No (24) Where the third edition of Indian Ocean Conference was held?
Answer: Vietnam.

Question No (25) Who has caught its first image of Bennu asteroid?
Answer: NASA’s ‘OSIRIS-Rex’.

Question No (26) Name the sports person become the first Indian heptathlete to win a Gold Medal in the 2018 Asian Games?
Answer: Swapna Barman.

Question No (27) Which state government of India has launched Disaster Response Force (DRF) vehicles?
Answer: Telangana.

Question No (28) International Buddhist Conclave inagurted by whom in New Delhi?
Answer: Ram Nath Kovind.

Question No (29) India’s largest Business Incubator Bhamashah Techno Hub launched at where?
Answer: Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Question No (30) India’s 1st Biofuel-Powered Flight landed at where?
Answer: Delhi (this flight was from Dehradun).

Question No (31) Who launched ‘Navlekha’ for Indian language publishers?
Answer: Google.

Question No (32) What is the new name of ‘Tez app’ by Google?
Answer: Google Pay.

Question No (33) TP Sharma appointed as the new chief Lokayukta of?
Answer: Chattisgarh.

Question No (34) The Indian team won Bronze medal in Sepak takraw in the 18th edition of Asian Games at where?
Answer: In Indonesia.

Question No (35) Name the player won bronze in women’s singles at the 18th Asian Games 2018?
Answer: Ankita Raina.

Question No (36) Name the person appointed as a Chairman of Panel to Decide Vedanta’s Plea?
Answer: Justice S J Vazifdar.

Question No (37) Neeraj Chopra won which medal in Javelin with a distance of 88.06m sat the Asian Games 2018?
Answer: Gold.

Question No (38) What is the name of first domestically built fighter jet unveiled by Iran?
Answer: Kowsar.

Question No (39) Who was appointed as the head of India investments by Abu Dhabi Investment Authority?
Answer: Kabir Mathur.

Question No (40) Name the player won Gold medal in 10m Air Pistol of Asian Games 2018?
Answer: Saurabh Chaudhary.

Question No (41) Who was appointed as an independent director of Indiabulls Ventures?
Answer: Abhaya Prasad Hota.

Question No (42) Who was selected for the J C Bose Fellowship of Department of Science and Technology?
Answer: Appa Rao Podile.

Question No (43) Name the institute launched ‘Aditya Choubey Center for Re-Water Research’?
Answer: IIT-Kharagpur.

Question No (44) Which month was declared as National Nutrition Month to mark the country’s fight against malnutrition by Union Ministry of Women and Child Development?
Answer: September 2018.

Question No (45) Name the first woman fighter pilot in Japan?
Answer: Misa Matsushima.

Question No (46) L&T Shipyard launched a Coast Guard offshore patrol vessel at where?
Answer: Chennai.

Question No (47) Who won the title of Cincinnati Masters on 19 August 2018?
Answer: Novak Djokovic.

Question No (48) Volkswagen going to launch an all-electric car sharing service at where?
Answer: In Berlin.

Question No (49) Where the 9th edition of Mountain Echoes Literary Festival 2018 was held?
Answer: Thimphu.

Question No (50) Paytm joint hands with which company to launch AI-based cloud computing platform ‘Paytm AI Cloud’?
Answer: Alibaba.

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