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Top 100 GK Quiz Questions For Class 5 With Answers

Hello all students. Below we have given the most important and interesting Top 100 GK Quiz Questions For Class 5 With Answers. You can take part in this Quiz Section by selecting right answers and then check your answers at the end of this Quiz.

Top 100 GK Quiz Questions For Class 5 With Answers

Top 100 GK Quiz Questions For Class 5 With Answers

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Online GK Quiz Questions For Class 5

1. Tlawng River is the longest river of which Indian State?
2. Harp Seal found in which place on the Earth?
3. 'Elysee Palace' is the official residence of the President of which country?
4. Victoria Amazonica is a species of flowering plant found in which continent?
5. Yamunotri Glacier is located in which state of India?
6. Rani Padmini was the wife of which Rajput Ruler?
7. Wular Lake is situated in which state of India?
8. Bal Gangadhar Tilak was born on which date?
9. Yen is the Currency of which country?
10. Raoulia also known as Vegetable Sheep mainly found in which country?
11. 'Beluru Sri Chennakeshava Temple' is located in which state of India?
12. Tenzing Norgay climb the Mount Everest along with whom in May 29, 1953?
13. World smallest egg laid by which bird?
14. Where is the Statue of Liberty?
15. Bunches of Banana is called as what?
16. Who was the founder of mauryan empire in India?
17. Fa-Hien was a Chinese Buddhist Monk to travel to India in which year?
18. 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' is the novel written by whom?
19. 'Valley of Flowers National Park' is situated in which state of India?
20. One banana content how much percentage of water in it?
21. What is the International Space Station?
22. World shortest recorded war 'Anglo-Zanzibar War' fought (38 minutes) between Great Britain and Zanzibar Sultanate in which date?
23. Indian folk dance 'Lavani' belongs to which state?
24. 'Mangifera Indica' is the scientific name of which fruit?
25. Ghoomar is a traditional folk dance of which Indian State?
26. Chhatrapati Shivaji was born in which year?
27. Who was the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree?
28. Indus River comes under which continent?
29. Who was the first women flown in the Space?
30. Advisor of 'Chandragupta Maurya' and economist 'Acharya Chanakya' was born on which date?
31. Where is the 'Statue of Unity' build in India?
32. Constitution Day' is celebrated on which date?
33. Thar Desert is located in which state of India?
34. What is Uranus in the Solar System?
35. 'International Day of Yoga' observed on which date worldwide?
36. Santiago is the capital of which country?
37. 'Hirakud Dam' is built across which river in India?
38. 'Rajat Sharma' belongs to which Indian News Channel?
39. When Mughal emperor 'Aurangzeb' was born?
40. What is the Length of river 'The Ganga'?
41. Fugdi is a folk dance belongs to which Indian State?
42. Where is 'Buckingham Palace' in the world?
43. There are how many States in the United States of America?
44. Which is the hottest desert in the world?
45. What is the smallest flowering plant on record which is measuring 0.6 millimetres in length and 0.33 mm in width?
46. Polar Bear mainly found in which place on the Earth?
47. What is the length of Indus River also known as Sindhu?
48. Who was the father of Lord Ram?
49. India comes under which continent?
50. Hemis National Park is a high altitude national park in which state of India?
51. Which park is India's Oldest National Park?
52. Which country produce most of Potato in the world?
53. Which is Earth's most populous continent?
54. Which place is the source of Bhagirathi River?
55. Denali Mountain Peak located at where?
56. Bengaluru Metro is also known as which name?
57. Which Indian Film Actor started his career as Bus Conductor?
58. Where is the Lotus Temple in India?
59. Imphal is the capital city of which Indian State?
60. Ramabhar Stupa belongs to whom?
61. Where is 'Dudhsagar Falls' in India?
62. 'General Theory of Relativity' was given by which theoretical physicist?
63. When Bronze Age began in India?
64. Kohima is the capital city of which Indian State?
65. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport was opened in which year?
66. Pelican have wingspan of how much long?
67. kaziranga National Park is situated in which state of India?
68. Which state in India is know as 'Tea Garden of India'?
69. Which river is also the National River of India?
70. What is the abbreviation of UNIDO?
71. In which City of India the headquarter of Infosys ltd.?
72. Which bird in the world migrates from the longest distance?
73. Who is popularly known as the "Metro Man" in India?
74. 'International Day of Happiness' observed on which date?
75. Which bird lays the biggest egg in the world?
76. In which state of India the 'Matheran Hill Station' is located?
77. Real is the Currency of which country?
78. What is the abbreviation of UNESCO?
79. Nagpur city is situated in which state?
80. Sundarban National Park is located in which state of India?
81. Republic Day of India celebrated each year on which date?
82. Chetak was the loyal horse of which Rajput Ruler in India?
83. New York is the city located in which country?
84. Which country is the largest producer of mango in the world?
85. Florida is the state in which country?
86. Taj Mahal is situated on the bank of which river in India?
87. Where is the 'Hofburg Imperial Palace' in world?
88. India's first passenger train ran between which places on 16 April 1853?
89. Indian business tycoon 'Azim Premji' belongs to which company?
90. Agar (Aquilaria malaccensis) is the state tree of which Indian State?
91. Where is the Wainganga River in India?
92. Rani Laxmibai was one of the greatest warriors in the Revolt of ___?
93. Mumbai is the capital city of which state?
94. Indian multinational pharmaceutical company 'Cipla Limited' founded in which year in Mumbai?
95. Which Italian explorer to reach China in 13th century?
96. Which city in world is the first in the world with a computerized traffic signal system?
97. 'Imagination is more important than knowledge' is the historical quotes given by whom?
98. Majoli is a river island located in which state of India?
99. Gir National Park is a wildlife sanctuary located in Gujarat. Mostly It is famous for which animals?
100. What is the official language of Indian State 'Nagaland'?

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