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Top 20 Airlines Industries GK Notes Answers World Airlines Companies

Top 20 Airlines Industries GK Notes Answers World Airlines Companies

As the Airlines Industry is becoming largest economy area in the world and each country have there own Airports for flight within country and abroad to connect and trade with World. In this post we have given the World Top 20 Airlines Industry General Knowledge Notes. So Read About World Top 20 Airlines Industries GK Notes Answers World Airlines Companies.

Top 20 Airlines Industries GK Notes Answers World Airlines Companies

Top 20 Airlines Industries GK Notes Answers World Airlines Companies

World Top 20 Airlines Industry General Knowledge

(1) Qantas Airways:

  • Qantas Airways is flag carrier of Australia and headquarter is in Sydney, Australia.
  • Qantas Airways founded in 16 November 1920 at Queensland, Australia.
  • Hudson Fysh, Paul McGinness and Fergus McMaster are the founder of Qantas Airways.
  • Since March 1921 the Qantas Airways is in operations.
  • Qantas Airways have 85 flight destinations in the world.

(2) Virgin Australia Airlines:

  • Australia’s second-largest airline is Virgin Australia Airlines and headquarter is in Bowen Hills, Brisbane.
  • Virgin Australia Airlines was founded in 1999 as Virgin Blue by Richard Branson and Brett Godfrey.
  • Since 31 August 2000 Virgin Australia Airlines is in operations.
  • Virgin Australia Airlines have 57 flight destinations in the world.

(3) Air New Zealand:

  • Air New Zealand is the flag carrier airline of New Zealand.
  • Air New Zealand was founded in 26 April 1940 as name ‘TEAL’. Headquarter of Air New Zealand is in Auckland City, New Zealand.
  • Since started the Air New Zealand operations is in 51 destination around the world.
  • Till June, 2016 the Air New Zealand have 10,527 working employees.

(4) Air Niugini:

  • Air Niugini is national airline of Papua New Guinea and headquarter is in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.
  • Air Niugini was formed in November 1973 and since works in 39 Destinations around the world.
  • This airlines was started with government holding of 60% shares.

(5) Austrian Airlines:

  • Austrian Airlines is subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group and flag carrier of Austria.
  • Austrian Airlines was founded in 30 September 1957 and in early it was operated by Junkers Trans European Union.
  • Headquarter of Austrian Airlines is in Schwechat, Austria.
  • Austrian Airlines operates its flight in 130 destination around the world.6,914
  • As of December 2017 total 6,914 employees works in the Austrian Airlines.

(6) Air Belgium:

  • Air Belgium is a airline in Belgium and it was founded in 2016 by Niky Terzakis.
  • Air Belgium headquartered is in Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium.
  • ‘Simply fly away’ is the slogan of Air Belgium.
  • Till 2019 the total 278 employees are working in Air Belgium.

(7) Danish Air Transport:

  • Danish Air Transport is Denmark chartered passenger and cargo flights airlines. It was founded in 1989.
  • ‘The flexible choice’ is the slogan of Danish Air Transport.
  • Headquarter of Danish Air Transport is in Vamdrup, Denmark.
  • Danish Air Transport operates in 8 scheduled destinations.

(8) Air Austral:

  • Air Austral is a French airline which was founded in 1974 by Gerard Etheve.
  • Headquarter of Air Austral is in Réunion, France.
  • Air Austral covers total 14 destinations around the world.
  • Air Austral have scheduled flights from Réunion to metropolitan France, South Africa, Thailand and India.

(9) Air Italy:

  • Air Italy is privately owned Italian airlines company in Italy. Company was founded in 19 February 2018.
  • Headquartered of Air Italy is in Olbia, Sassari, Italy.
  • Since 1 March 2018 the Air Italy have 34 scheduled domestic, European and intercontinental destinations flights.
  • ‘Imagine The World Differently’ is the slogan of Air Italy.

(10) Air Europa:

  • Air Europa is third largest airlines of Spain and the company was founded in 1986.
  • ‘Your travel companion’ is the slogan of the Air Europa.
  • Globalia Corp. is the Parent Company of Air Europa.
  • Air Europa headquarter is in Llucmajor, Mallorca, Spain.
  • Air Europa operates in 44 flights destinations around the world.

(11) British Airways:

  • British Airways was founded in 31 March 1974.
  • Headquarter of British Airways is in Waterside, Harmondsworth, United Kingdom.
  • British Airways was formed after British Airways Board was established.
  • In January 2011 BA merged with Iberia which create International Airlines Group (IAG).
  • It has 183 Destinations around the world.

(12) EasyJet:

  • EasyJet is the British low-cost airlines company which was founded in March 1995.
  • Headquarter of EasyJet is in Luton, England.
  • EasyJet have 136 flight destinations around the world.
  • ‘This is generation easyJet’ is the slogan of EasyJet.
  • Till 2017 reports the total 12,280 employees works under EasyJet.

(13) Air India:

  • Air India is owned by Air India Limited which is government-owned enterprise. The company was founded in 15 October 1932.
  • Air India headquarter is in Airlines House, Delhi, India.
  • Air India works in 94 destinations in the world.
  • There are total 20,956 employees works in Air India.
  • ‘Air India… Truly Indian’ is the slogan of Air India.

(14) Air China:

  • Air China was founded in 1988 and headquarters is in Shunyi District, Beijing.
  • Air China is in operations since 1 July 1988 and have total 201 flight destinations around the world.
  • ‘Land Your Dream’ is the slogan of Air China.
  • There are over 50,000 employees works under Air China.

(15) El Al:

  • El Al is the flag carrier of Israel and also known as El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. In 1948 the company was founded.
  • El Al headquarter is in Ben Gurion Airport, Israel and there are total 36,500 employees works under the company.
  • El Al have 51 flight destinations around the world.
  • ‘Home Away From Home’ is the slogan of El Al.

(16) Japan Airlines:

  • ‘Japan Airlines’ was founded in 1 August 1951. Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (JAL) own the Japan Airlines.
  • Since 25 October 1951 the Japan Airlines is in operations.
  • Japan Airlines have 92 flight destinations around the world.
  • ‘Fly into tomorrow. Dream Skyward.’ is the slogan of Japan Airlines.
  • Japan Airlines became the national airline of Japan in 1953.

(17) FlySafair:

  • FlySafair is the low-cost airline of South Africa which was founded in August 2013.
  • Headquarter of the FlySafair is in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Since 16 October 2014 FlySafair is in operations.
  • FlySafair have 7 flight destinations.
  • ‘For The Love Of Flying’ is the slogan of FlySafair.
  • There are upto 1,000 employees works in Flysafair.

(18) Emirates:

  • Emirates is the airline based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • Emirates is the subsidiary of The Emirates Group.
  • In 25 March 1985 the Emirates was founded.
  • Emirates is the largest airline in the Middle East which operates over 3,600 flights per week.
  • ‘Fly Better’ is the slogan of Emirates.
  • There are over 64,768 employees works in Emirates Airline.

(19) Azul Brazilian Airlines:

  • Azul Brazilian Airlines is the Brazilian carrier Airlines which was founded in 2008.
  • Azul Brazilian Airlines headquarter is in São Paulo, Brazil.
  • Since start there are total 112 flight destinations around the world covered by Azul Brazilian Airlines.
  • In December 2014 the Azul Brazilian Airlines started its first scheduled international flights to United States.

(20) Delta Air Lines:

  • Delta Air Lines is American airline which was founded in May 30, 1924.
  • Delta Air Lines is in operations since June 17, 1929.
  • This Airlines cover 325 flight destinations around the world.
  • Delta Air Lines headquarter is in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.
  • There are total 86,564 employees (2018) working in the Delta Air Lines.

Article Source: Wikipedia.

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