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Question No (1) Name the country plans to leave OPEC from January 2019?
Answer: Qatar.

Question No (2) At where the 3rd ASEAN – India Business Summit (AIBS) was held?
Answer: Kuala Lumpur (Capital of Malaysia).

Question No (3) ‘2018 International Day of Persons with Disabilities’ theme was?
Answer: ‘Empowering persons with disabilities and ensuring inclusiveness and equality’.

Question No (4) Who become the 1st Latin American country to join China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)?
Answer: Panama.

Question No (5) Who become the first Indian to be elected as one of the member of Judges Committee of ISSF?
Answer: Pawan Singh.

Question No (6) Admiral’s Cup 2018 won by which team?
Answer: Italy.

Question No (7) Name the person has been appointed as the Chairman and Managing Director of New India Assurance?
Answer: Atul Sahai.

Question No (8) Who became first woman CEO of the French unit of Air France-KLM Group?
Answer: Anne Rigail.

Question No (9) Who signed MoU with the Maharashtra Government to promote Fintech?
Answer: Economic Development Board.

Question No (10) Who has been appointed as the additional director of which of Yes Bank?
Answer: T.S. Vijayan.

Question No (11) Name the person has been appointed as the next CEO of the World Gold Council?
Answer: David Tait.

Question No (12) Name the Indian airlines who becomes first to have 200 aircraft’s?
Answer: IndiGo.

Question No (13) In which city the Global Investors Meet (GIM) 2019 will be hosted?
Answer: Chennai.

Question No (14) Ministry of Civil Aviation announced how many helipads will be implemented across the country to improve tourism prospects?
Answer: 15 helipads.

Question No (15) Which bank have signed an 85 million dollar loan to improve skill development Eco-system in Odisha?
Answer: The Centre and Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Question No (16) What is the UNESCO’s world’s most treasured cultural practices?
Answer: Korean wrestling.

Question No (17) According to Forbes who is the highest-earning celebrity in India?
Answer: Salman Khan.

Question No (18) Indian Navy and Russian Federation Navy begins 10th Edition of the bilateral exercise in which city?
Answer: Visakhapatnam.

Question No (19) 4th edition of Bilateral Joint exercise between IAF and USAF ‘Ex Cope India-18’ was held at where?
Answer: West Bengal.

Question No (20) Name the first Indian won Bronze medal in the international ultra running event?
Answer: Ullas Narayan.

Question No (21) Who has submitted a formal expression of interest to host 2032 Olympics?
Answer: The Indian Olympic Association (IOA).

Question No (22) World Athletics Championship will be host by which country in 2023?
Answer: Budapest.

Question No (23) Global Venture Capital Summit was held at where?
Answer: Goa.

Question No (24) Pune International Marathon 2018 won by whom?
Answer: Atlawim Debebe.

Question No (25) What was the theme of ‘International Volunteer Day’ observed on 5 December?
Answer: ‘Volunteers build Resilient Communities’.

Question No (26) Name the country to Chair Kimberley Process From January 2019?
Answer: India.

Question No (27) Who became the first woman President of Georgia?
Answer: Salome Zurabishvili.

Question No (28) 2nd Russia-India-China ‘RIC’ Trilateral Summit was recently held at where?
Answer: Buenos Aires.

Question No (29) Name the person has been sworn as the new Water Resources Minister of Kerala?
Answer: K. Krishnankutty.

Question No (30) A Currency Swap Agreement was signed between which two banks?
Answer: Central Bank of the UAE and RBI.

Question No (31) Under National Mission for Clean Ganga over 24 thousand crore, how many projects were sanctioned?
Answer: 254.

Question No (32) World Computer Literacy Day was observed on which date in 2018?
Answer: December 2nd.

Question No (33) “A Handbook for Students on Cyber Safety to aware teenagers about online Crimes and Threats” was released by whom?
Answer: Ministry of Home Affairs.

Question No (34) India signed an agreement with which country on Joint Activities under the Human Spaceflight Programme?
Answer: Russia.

Question No (35) Name the person has been appointed as the US Ambassador to the United Nations?
Answer: Heather Nauert.

Question No (36) What was the theme for ‘2018 International Civil Aviation Day’?
Answer: ‘Working Together to Ensure No Country is Left Behind’.

Question No (37) Hindustan Unilever Limited plans to merge with which consumer healthcare company?
Answer: GlaxoSmithKline.

Question No (38) Which country launched the World’s 1st 3D-Printed e-Bike?
Answer: Germany.

Question No (39) Radha Mohan Singh laid the Foundation stone of Pusa Kisan Haat at where?
Answer: ICAR, New Delhi.

Question No (40) Who inaugurated the 13th edition of CII Agro Tech India-2018 in Chandigarh?
Answer: Presiednt Shri Ram Nath Kovind.

Question No (41) Which state signed pact with Estonian academy on e-governance?
Answer: Nagaland.

Question No (42) Who was elected as ISSF Vice President?
Answer: Raninder Singh.

Question No (43) Who has been considered as the Father of the Indian Navy?
Answer: Chhatrapati Shivaji Bhosle.

Question No (44) Name the Indian company opened its new technology and innovation hub in Hartford?
Answer: Infosys.

Question No (45) Name the person has been appointed as the new government nominee on private sector ICICI Bank?
Answer: Lalit Kumar.

Question No (46) Instant Payment System TIPS was launched by which bank recently?
Answer: European Central Bank.

Question No (47) The former president of United States ‘George HW Bush’ passed away at the age of ___.
Answer: 94.

Question No (48) Name the Indian player has been honoured with the Blue Cross by the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF)?
Answer: Abhinav Bindra.

Question No (49) Name the person has been appointed as the Secretary-General of NATHEALTH?
Answer: Siddhartha Bhattacharya.

Question No (50) Which Indian cricketer honoured by Bradman Museum?
Answer: Virat Kohli.

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