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Top 50 Biological Important Questions and answer

Top 50 Biological Important Questions and Answer

Candidates those who are preparing for SSC, CGL, UPSC, BANKS and all other Competitive exams can read these Top 50 Biological Important Questions and answer for these better preparations. Read all 50 questions answers below.

(1) Gene therapy is the means to treat or even cure genetic and acquired diseases like _?
(A)  Cancer,
(B)  Smallpox,
(C)  Swine – flu,
(D)  Common cold
ANS – (A)

(2) In Germ line gene therapy, _ ?
(A)  Egg and sperm of the parents are changed,
(B)  Sperm of the parent are changed,
(C)  Egg of the parent are changed,
(D)  Egg and sperm of the parents are not changed
ANS – (A)

(3) Bio-chips will be useful in _ ?
(A)  Defence, Medicine,
(B)  Theatre, Medicine,
(C)  Defence, Air Force,
(D)  Navy, Medicine
ANS – (A)

(4) _ clones include identical twins?
(A)  Natural,
(B)  Artificial,
(C)  Induced,
(D)  Stem
ANS – (A)

(5) Biological computers will be developed using _ ?
(A)  Bio sensor,
(B)  Gene,
(C)  Bio-Chips,
(D)  Enzymes
ANS – (C)

(6) The word _________ refers only to living species?
(A)  Clone,
(B)  Gene,
(C)  Allele,
(D)  Vaccine
ANS – (A)

(7) _ are developed by employing techniques of bio-technology?
(A)  Micro chips,
(B)  Macro chips,
(C)  Auto chips,
(D)  Glass chips
ANS – (A)

(8) Biological signals are converted into electrical signal by _ ?
(A)  sensor,
(B)  scanner,
(C)  allele,
(D)  gene
ANS – (A)

(9) The Embryonic stem cells can be derived from _ which is developed by “invitro fertilization”?
(A)  late embryo,
(B)  early embryo,
(C)  embryo,
(D)  zygote
ANS – (B)

(10) Steroid drugs like prednisolone is produced from _ ?
(A)  Rhizopus,
(B)  Penicillium,
(C)  Aagaricus,
(D)  Bacteria
ANS – (A)

(11) Antibiotics are chemical substances derived from microbes like _ ?
(A)  Fungi, Algae,
(B)  Fungi, Bacteria,
(C)  Fungi, Virus,
(D)  Bacteria, Algae
ANS – (B)

(12) Bio-sensor is used in _ ?
(A)  Medicines and industry,
(B)  Industry and technology,
(C)  Medicine and aircraft,
(D)  Industry and aircraft
ANS – (A)

(13) Bio-sensor is a device consisting of immobilized layer of biological material such as _ ?
(A)  Enzyme, antibody, hormone, nucleic acids
(B)  Enzyme, gene, antigen, hormone
(C)  Nucleic acid, formic acid, acetic acid, tartaric acid
(D)  Hormone, nucleic acid, enzyme, gene.
ANS – (A)

(14) Bio-chemically significant enzymes are derived from _ ?
(A)  microbes,
(B)  macrobes,
(C)  insulin,
(D)  protein
ANS – (A)

(15) Mendel observed 7 pairs of contrasting characters in Pisum sativum, One of the Following which is not a part of that?
(A)  Tall and Dwart,
(B)  Yellow and Green seed colour,
(C)  Terminal and Axial flower,
(D)  Smooth and Rough stem
ANS – (D)

(16) Primitive men evolved in _ ?
(A)  Africa,
(B)  America,
(C)  Australia,
(D)  India
ANS – (A)

(17) _ is so vast and has great scope for different fields like agriculture, medicine, food industry etc?
(A)  Microbiology,
(B)  Embryology,
(C)  Bio-technology,
(D)  Cytology
ANS – (C)

(18) _ are suspensions of killed or live germs which is employed to induce the production of antibodies and bring forth immunity?
(A)  Vaccines,
(B)  Medicines,
(C)  Antibiotics,
(D)  Antigens
ANS – (A)

(19) _ are employed to kill the infectious germs and cure a disease?
(A)  Antigens,
(B)  Antibiotics,
(C)  Vaccines,
(D)  Vitamins
ANS – (B)

(20) Which of the following is inheritable?
(A)  An altered gene in sperm,
(B)  An altered gene in testes,
(C)  An altered gene in Zygote,
(D)  An altered gene in udder cell
ANS – (C)

(21) Theory of natural selection was proposed by _ ?
(A)  Charles Darwin,
(B)  Hugo de Vries,
(C)  Gregor Johann Mendel,
(D)  Jean Baptiste Lamarck
ANS – (A)

(22) _ is called as ‘Father of Genetics’?
(A)  Charles Darwin,
(B)  Hugo de Vries,
(C)  Gregor Johann Mendel,
(D)  Jean Baptiste Lamarck
ANS – (C)

(23) The men like Hominids who walked into Eastern Africa were measured to be _ ?
(A)  Taller than four feet,
(B)  Not taller than four feet,
(C)  Three feet,
(D)  Measured in Inches
ANS – (B)

(24) The meat eaters who existed 1.5 million years ago were called _ ?
(A)  Homo habilis,
(B)  Hominids,
(C)  Homo erectus,
(D)  Homo sapiens
ANS – (C)

(25) The term vaccine was coined by _ ?
(A)  Dr. Ian Wilmut,
(B)  Edward Jenner,
(C)  Charles Darwin,
(D)  Alexander Flemming
ANS – (B)

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