Top 50 General Knowledge Questions Answers of Maharashtra

Read Below the most important TOP 50 GENERAL KNOWLEDGE QUESTIONS ANSWERS OF MAHARASHTRA. We have given the general knowledge of Maharashtra, Current Affairs of Maharashtra and most important state level GK Questions Answers of Maharashtra State. We hope this post will be very helpful for your study and upcoming examinations.

Question No (1) With how many states does Maharashtra share its boundary?
Answer: Six.

Question No (2) On which day was Maharashtra formed after separation from Bombay State?
Answer: 01 May 1960.

Question No (3) Who is the first recipient of Jnanpith Award for Marathi literature?
Answer: Vishnu Khandekar.

Question No (4) At which places in Maharashtra is the “Takht Shri Hazur Sahib” located?
Answer: Nanded.

Question No (5) Who was the first person from Maharashtra to become a Grandmaster in chess?
Answer: Pravin Thipsay.

Question No (6) In which city is the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute located?
Answer: Pune.

Question No (7) Which was the first Marathi talkie film?
Answer: Ayodhyecha Raja.

Question No (8) Which sanctuaries in Maharashtra was notified in 2018?
Answer: Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary.

Question No (9) Which national parks is located within the city limits of Mumbai?
Answer: Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

Question No (10) Ratnagiri is famous for the production of which fruit ?
Answer: Mangoes.

Question No (11) Lasalgaon is a famous market place in Maharashtra for the trading of?
Answer: Onions.

Question No (12) Which caves in Maharashtra is not in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list?
Answer: Kanheri Caves.

Question No (13) Which districts of Maharashtra is well-known for its production of bananas?
Answer: Jalgaon.

Question No (14) Who is the author of the book ‘History of Dharmasastra’?
Answer: Pandurang Vaman Kane.

Question No (15) In which city of Maharashtra was an Indian Institute of Management established in the year 2015?
Answer: Nagpur.

Question No (16) Who established SNDT Women’s University, the first university for women in India?
Answer: Dondo Kesav Karve.

Question No (17) Which is the largest district of Maharashtra in terms of area?
Answer: Ahmednagar.

Question No (18) Who is known as the Mother of Orphans because of her work in looking after abandoned children in Maharashtra?
Answer: Sindhutai Sapkal.

Question No (19) Which state is the third largest state in India by Area?
Answer: Maharashtra.

Question No (20) Which sea is bordered by the Maharashtra?
Answer: Arabian Sea.

Question No (21) What is the capital of Maharashtra?
Answer: Mumbai.

Question No (22) Which city is known as oxford of the East?
Answer: Pune.

Question No (23) Which two river are the main river in Maharashtra?
Answer: Godavri and Krishna.

Question No (24) Give the name of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites caves in Maharashtra?
Answer: Ajanta and Ellora.

Question No (25) Which state is the most industrialized State in India?
Answer: Maharashtra.

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