Top 50 GK Question Answer of Punjab

Question (26) When “Punjab” formed as a partial state of Indian Union?
Answer: 1 November 1966.

Question (27) Which state is bordered by “Punjab” from the North side?
Answer: Jammu and Kashmir.

Question (28) Golden Temple is also known as?
Answer: Sri Harmandir Sahib.

Question (29) In which year the Second Anglo-Sikh war was fought between British and Sikh Empire?
Answer: 1849.

Question (30) During British period “Punjab” province were partitioned in two region, they are?
Answer: “East Punjab” and “West Punjab”.

Question (31) What is the full form of “PEPSU”?
Answer: Patiala and East Punjab States Union.

Question (32) How long the Sikh Empire reigned in India?
Answer: 1801-1849.

Question (33) Who introduced the “Khalsa” and when?
Answer: Khalsa was introduced by 10th Sikhguru Guru Govind Singh in 1699.

Question (34) In which year “Banda Singh Bahadur” died?
Answer: 9-June-1716.

Question (35) What is the name of “State Bird of Punjab”?
Answer: Gushak (Baaz).

Question (36) What is the “State Animal of Punjab”?
Answer: Black Buck (Kala Hiran).

Question (37) What is the “State Tree of Punjab”?
Answer: Shesham (Tahli).

Question (38) How many “Zoological Parks” are there in Punjab?
Answer: Five (Mahindra Choudhary Zoological Park, Tigar Safari, Deer Park Bir Moti Bagh, Deear Park, Deer Park Bir Talab).

Question (39) How many “Municipal Corporations” are there in “Punjab”?
Answer: 10.

Question (40) “Gobindgarh Fort” is situated in which city of “Punjab”?
Answer: Amritsar.

Question (41) “Anandpur Sahib Fort” is Located in “Punjab”?
Answer: Rupnagar.

Question (42) What is “Kissa”?
Answer: A Punjabi language (A Oral story Telling Tradition).

Question (43) “Teeyan” is also called as?
Answer: “Teej” Festival.

Question (44) How many “International Airport” are there in “Punjab”?
Answer: Two (Amritsar International Airport and Chandigarh International Airport).

Question (45) Which one is the “Largest Railway Station in Punjab”?
Answer: Bhatinda Junction.

Question (46) Which train runs from “India” to “Pakistan”?
Answer: “Samjhauta Express”.

Question (47) “Samjhauta Express” was started at which year?
Answer: 22 July 1976.

Question (48) Which place is the Capital of two States?
Answer: Chandigarh.

Question (49) Agriculture is famous as ____ “Punjab”?
Answer: Main Business.

Question (50) What is the power capacity of “Guru Govind Singh Super Thermal Plant” in Ropar?
Answer: 1260 Megawatt.

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