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Top 50 GK Questions Answers of United States of America (Set-1)

Question (26) Which is the Highest point in the Rocky Mountains?
Answer:-  Mount Elbert (4,401.2 M or 14,440 Foot).

Question (27) Who was the Edwin Hubble in the United States?
Answer:-  American astronomer.

Question (28) Name the national flower of United States of America?
Answer:-  Rose.

Question (29) Which is the largest city in Washington?
Answer:-  Seattle.

Question (30) Who is the current secretary of state in United States of America?
Answer:-  Rex W. Tillerson (69th Secretary of State of the United States) since Feb 1, 2017.

Question (31) When Barack Obama (former 44th U.S. President) was borned?
Answer:-  4 August 1961.

Question (32) What is Distance from India to United States?
Answer:-  13,595 km (8,448 miles).

Question (33) Golden Delicious tree was discovered by whom?
Answer:-  ‘Anderson Mullins’ at West Virginia.

Question (34) Discovery of Pluto was done by whom?
Answer:-  American astronomer ‘Clyde Tombaugh’ in 1930.

Question (35) What is full name of ‘Donald Trump’ (45th President of the United States) ?
Answer:-  Donald John Trump.

Question (36) According the land area United States stand on which position in the world?
Answer:-  Third.

Question (37) What is the capital of Colorado in United States?
Answer:-  Denver.

Question (38) When was the united states flag adopted in country?
Answer:-  June 14, 1777.

Question (39) What is the independence day of United States of America?
Answer:-  4 July.

Question (40) Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, California) connects what?
Answer:-  It’s links the San Francisco Bay with the Pacific Ocean.

Question (41) When ‘Serena Williams’ (an American professional tennis player) born?
Answer:-  26 September 1981 at Saginaw (City in Michigan) United States.

Question (42) ‘Philadelphia’ was founded by whom?
Answer:-  In October 27, 1682 by William Penn.

Question (43) Where is ‘Mauna Loa Volcano’ in the United States of America?
Answer:-  Hawaii.

Question (44) When 1st Emmy Awards was presented in United States of America?
Answer:-  January 25, 1949.

Question (45) Taylor Swift is known for what?
Answer:-  American singer-songwriter.

Question (46) When Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) was born?
Answer:-  14 May 1984 at New York, United States.

Question (47) Missouri River is one of the longest river in United States. Total Length of this river is what?
Answer:-  2,341 miles (3,767 km).

Question (48) Who was the 3rd president of United States of America?
Answer:-  Thomas Jefferson.

Question (49) Total length of ‘Erie Canal’ ( in New York) is what?
Answer:-  524 miles.

Question (50) What is the length of ‘Grand Canyon’ in United States of America?
Answer:-  277 miles (446 kilometers).

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