Question No (26) SMTP is stands for what?
ANSWER: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

Question No (27) XML is stands for what?
ANSWER: Extended Markup Language.

Question No (28) ISDN is stands for what?
ANSWER: Integrated Services Digital Network.

Question No (29) Which computer language is used to create documents for use on the World Wide Web?

Question No (30) Internet uses what for running?
ANSWER: Packet switching.

Question No (31) What is to send and receive electronic mail?
ANSWER: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

Question No (32) Secret–key encryption is also known for what?
ANSWER: Private encryption.

Question No (33) Which online communication services is used to exchange of computer–stored messages by telecommunication?
ANSWER: E-mail.

Question No (34) Which is refers to the main page of a website?
ANSWER: Home Page.

Question No (35) Internet is a system of which type of network?
ANSWER: Interconnected networks.

Question No (36) Internet finds another host in which way?
ANSWER: IP Address.

Question No (37) Which key is required to created to Internet?
ANSWER: Function Key.

Question No (38) Gmail is belongs to be which company?
ANSWER: Google.

Question No (39) Which is the top search engine of the world?
ANSWER: Google.

Question No (40) How many parts are in a URL?
ANSWER: 4 (Protocol, Hostname, Port and Path file name).

Question No (41) What is about the m-commerce?
ANSWER: Machine Commerce.

Question No (42) HTTP is to transmit information on what?
ANSWER: World Wide Web.

Question No (43) What is the full form of ICANN?
ANSWER: Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

Question No (44) What is the meaning of Dark Web or Dark Net?
ANSWER: Encrypted portion of the Internet.

Question No (45) What is standard protocol of the Internet?

Question No (46) How many Websites are present on the Internet?
ANSWER: 1.9 billion websites (till October 2018)

Question No (47) How many users on the web or use the Internet?
ANSWER: 4 billion users till October 2018.

Question No (48) Each computer connected to the Internet must have what?
ANSWER: A unique IP address.

Question No (49) Internet took just how much time to reach its first 50 Million Users?
ANSWER: Four years.

Question No (50) On YouTube every minute how much video contents are uploaded?
ANSWER: 400 hours of content.

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