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TOP MOST 50 Question Answers FCI Previous Years Papers

TOP MOST 50 Question Answers “FCI Previous year Papers

Welcome in ‘GKQUESTIONBANK’. Below we have given 50 Questions Answers of FCI previous paper. These are multi option questions type series to increase your knowledge level.

Note: This Post of  ‘TOP MOST 50 Question Answers FCI Previous year Papers’  have 50 objective type question answers were important for previous exams of FCI EXAM’s in 2010 to 2018 and we thought that these questions will also helpful in Upcoming FCI Examinations.

Question:- (1) Coal and hydrocarbons cause pollution which, results in the release of a mixture of-
(A) Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide,
(B) Sulphur dkxide and oxides of nitrogen,
(C) Unbumt hydrocarbons,
(D) All of the above
Answer:- (D)

Question:- (2) The pendulum clocks of slow in summers because-
(A) Days in summers are longer,
(B) Friction in coil,
(C) The length of the pendulum increases for summers,
(D) The weight of the pendulum increases in summers
Answer:- (C)

Question:- (3) At the vegetative growth stage, flowering is stopped in food grain crops, known as-
(A) Sigmoid growth curve,
(B) Determinate growth,
(C) Indeterminate growth,
(D) Grand growth period
Answer:- (B)

Question:- (4) Which is not an in-organic matter in the following-
(A) Magnesium,
(B) Iron,
(C) Fat,
(D) Iodine
Answer:- (C)

Question:- (5) In 1885 the President of Congress was-
(A) George Yule,
(B) Dadabhai Naoroji,
(C) W.C.Barinerji,
(D) W. Wedderburn
Answer:- (C)

Question:- (6) What is the suitable Rabi maize variety-
(A) Sharadmani,
(B) Azad Uttam,
(C) Naveen,
(D) Ganga
Answer:- (A)

Question:- (7) Which disease is not related to Bajra-
(A) Green Ear,
(B) Ergot,
(C) Wilt,
(D) Rust
Answer:- (C)

Question:- (8) National Right Day is observe on-
(A) 28 October,
(B) 4th July,
(C) 8th august,
(D) 10th December
Answer:- (D)

Question:- (9) Kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy in-
(A) Electric Motor,
(B) Dynamo,
(C) Electromagnet,
(D) Ammeter
Answer:- (B)

Question:- (10) Approximately how much area in lakh hectares of saline and alkali soils are there in Uttar Pradesh-
(A) 15-00 lakh hectares,
(B) 12-4 lakhhectares,
(C) 10-4 lakh hectares,
(D) 14-4 lakh hectares
Answer:- (B)

Question:- (11) A.D.P. to A.T.P. change is called-
(A) Photosymthesis,
(B) Phosphorylation,
(C) Transpiration,
(D) Oxidation
Answer:- (B)

Question:- (12) At which stage of crop, there is no competition for light, moisture and nutrients-
(A) Node formation stage,
(B) Seedling stage,
(C) Grain formation stage,
(D) Before maturity stage
Answer:- (D)

Question:- (13) Goal of extension education is-
(A) To promote income of the farmers,
(B) To promote production of the crops,
(C) To promote new crops,
(D) To promote scientific outlook
Answer:- (D)

Question:- (14) The leaching loss of Nitrogen (N) is more in the form of-
(A) Ammonia,
(B) Nitrate,
(C) Nitrogen,
(D) Water solution
Answer:- (B)

Question:- (15) How much is the cropped area in Uttar Pradesh-
(A) 9%,
(B) 11%,
(C) 12%,
(D) 8%
Answer:- (C)

Question:- (16) How many factors are identified for influencing plant growth till now-
(A) 55,
(B) 60,
(C) 52,
(D) 50
Answer:- (C)

Question:- (17) Hand burns by steam are more serious as compared to burns by boiling water because-
(A) Steam is light,
(B) Steam is endowed with latent heat,
(C) Steam enters the body,
(D) None of the above causes
Answer:- (B)

Question:- (18) Oil spreads on the surface of water because-
(A) Oil is denser than water,
(B) Oil is less dense than water,
(C) Surface tension of oil is more than water,
(D) Surface tension of oil is less than that of water
Answer:- (D)

Question:- (19) How much Brinjal seed may be obtained from one hectare area-
(A) 150-200 kg,
(B) 100-150 kg,
(C) 200-300 kg,
(D) 75-125 kg
Answer:- (D)

Question:- (20) Which species of honeybee is not Indian-
(A) Apis florea,
(B) Apis dorsata,
(C) Apis cerana,
(D) Apis mellifera
Answer:- (D)

Question:- (21) For how many years is Sheep able to breed-
(A) 10 years,
(B) 7 years,
(C) 5 years,
(D) 12 years
Answer:- (A)

Question:- (22) Which is not basic principle of Agronomy-
(A) To select appropriate materials for seed & sowing,
(B) Management of soil and climate,
(C) Appropriate inter cropping activities management for crop,
(D) Livestock management for Agriculture
Answer:- (D)

Question:- (23) Which elements are useful in energy storage, transfer and bonding-
(A) N P K,
(B) N S P,
(C) N K S,
(D) None of these
Answer:- (C)

Question:- (24) The venue of of Olympic 2014 was-
(A) London,
(B) Stockholm,
(C) Athens,
(D) Sydney
Answer:- (C)

Question:- (25) Among freedom fighters of 1st War of Independence of 1857, ‘Mahak Pan’ nick name was given to-
(A) Laxmi Bai,
(B) Zinat Mahal,
(C) Hazrat Mahal,
(D) None of the above
Answer:- (B)

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