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Top Current Affairs Questions Answers 2019 About South Africa

Top Current Affairs Questions Answers 2019 about South Africa

Top Current Affairs Questions Answers 2019 about South Africa

Read and learn the Top Current Affairs Questions Answers 2019 about South Africa and increase your general knowledge for any competitive exams. We have given the South Africa Best Current Affairs 2019 in this post and each month we will add more questions about South Africa Current Affairs 2019 with Single Liner Questions Answers.

Read Now Current Affairs of South Africa 2019

QUESTION NO (1) MeerKAT is the radio Telescope (Northern Cape of South Africa) consisting of how many satellite dishes?

QUESTION NO (2) Who has been crowned as Mr South Africa 2019?
ANSWER: Heinrich Gabler.

QUESTION NO (3) How many ministers are women in the Cabinet of South Africa according to President Cyril Ramaphosa?
ANSWER: Half of women are in Cabinet.

QUESTION NO (4) South Africa introduces how much carbon tax to cut emissions in the continent’s worst polluter?
ANSWER: 120 Rand per tonne of Carbon Dioxide.

QUESTION NO (5) Abortion is legal in South Africa for which period into a pregnancy?
ANSWER: Up to 20 weeks.

QUESTION NO (6) South Africa is ranks 1st in the world for the highest percentage of internet users who own cryptocurrencies. This survey is conducted by whom?
ANSWER: Combined Study of ‘Hootsuite’ and ‘WeAreSocial’.

QUESTION NO (7) How many people died in a powerful cyclone that pummelled swathes of southern African countries?
ANSWER: Death toll over 700.

QUESTION NO (8) A Dam collapse at a mine in southeast Brazil on 25th January 2019. The mine site belongs to which mining company?
ANSWER: Brazilian multinational corporation for metals and mining “Vale S.A.”.

QUESTION NO (9) South Africa launched which plan to combat xenophobia, racism, and discrimination in the country?
ANSWER: National Action Plan.

QUESTION NO (10) Uber South Africa has partners with whom to quality and affordable private healthcare cover?
ANSWER: Discovery.

QUESTION NO (11) General elections will be held in South Africa on which date?
ANSWER: 8th of May 2019.

QUESTION NO (12) How many political parties will contest in South Africa’s General Elections 2019?
ANSWER: 48 political parties according to IEC (Independent Electoral Commission).

QUESTION NO (13) According to the National Treasury recent report what is ‘South Africa’s gross loan debt?
ANSWER: R2.2 trillion which is R40,000 per person.

QUESTION NO (14) South Africa got which rank on Netflix ISP Speed Index?
ANSWER: 49 rank out of 59 countries ranks.

QUESTION NO (15) What is the rank of South Africa in World Happiness Report which released recently?
ANSWER: 106th (out of 156 countries surveyed).

QUESTION NO (16) When Samsung launched its 8K QLED TV in South Africa?
ANSWER: April 2019.

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