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UK Fuel Crisis Or Drivers Crisis | Fuel Shortage In UK | Know The Facts

In the last week of September, 2021 United Kingdom news became viral after start facing of ‘Drivers Crisis’ in the country due to shortage of truck drivers. This cause the UK Fuel Crisis 2021. Here we have explained what is the current situation in UK Fuel Transportation System and the delivery to the customers.

UK Fuel Crisis UK Drivers Crisis 2021

UK Fuel Crisis UK Drivers Crisis 2021 Full GK Notes In English

Here we have given top 10 key points on the major UK Fuel Crisis which started in September 2021:

(1) Gas Stations also called as ‘Petrol Stations’ in UK are facing fuel crisis according to viral news since September 2021 last week.

(2) Many Truck drivers in UK have been retired and driver trainees are also facing delays in getting licensed because of the Covid pandemic in the country.

(3) Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union is also known as ‘Brexit’ which cause many truck drivers left the country to get job in another place or there home country.

(4) According to news the Britain is facing a shortfall of 100,000 drivers which also cause ‘UK Fuel Crisis’.

(5) Panic-buying of fuel products is also cause the major fuel crisis in the UK.

(6) According to the UK government, there is No Shortage of Fuel in the country but there is problem in the supply chain of fuel products.

(7) UK government is now speed-up the licensing process of new drivers.

(8) Government has also increased the working hours of current truck drivers in the country.

(9) To ease the shortage of fuel in the country, UK have prepared there military is on standby.

(10) Transport companies in UK also raise 25 percent wages in 2021 to retain them in job.


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This Post Last Updated On: October, 1st 2021


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