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Question No (1) Which country gain independence first from a European power?
Answer: United State of America.

Question No (2) When the constitution of America was adopted?
Answer: 1788.

Question No (3) Why was the civil war led by America between 19th century?
Answer: For Abolition of slavery.

Question No (4) Give the name of the country which develop nuclear weapons first time in word?
Answer: USA.

Question No (5) Which country is the oldest surviving federation?
Answer: USA.

Question No (6) Which country has the largest economy National GDP?
Answer: America.

Question No (7) Which country is the world largest importer?
Answer: United states.

Question No (8) Where the “Mesa Verde National Park” is located?
Answer: USA (Montezuma County).

Question No (9) When the “Mesa Verde National Park” was established?
Answer: 1906.

Question No (10) Who was the first president of united states?
Answer: George Washington.

Question No (11) Who was the fourth president of united states of America?
Answer: James Madison.

Question No (12) Which State of USA was once part of Mexico?
Answer: Texas.

Question No (13) Which city is known as the Big Apple?
Answer: New York City.

Question No (14) Who had the longest tenure as President of USA?
Answer: Franklin D. Roosevelt (4,422 Days).

Question No (15) What is the number of judges in Federal Supreme Court?
Answer: Nine(Chief Justice of the United States and eight associate justices who are nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate).

Question No (16) When the war between USA and Spain was fought?
Answer: 1898.

Question No (17) In which year man stepped on the Moon for the first time?
Answer: 1969(Neil Armstrong).

Question No (18) When the America was discovered?
Answer: 1492.

Question No (19) Who won 2016 election in USA?
Answer: Donald Trump (Republican Party).

Question No (20) Christopher Columbus basically belongs to?
Answer: Republic of Genoa.

Question No (21) When was slavery abolished in USA?
Answer: December 6, 1865(The 13th amendment).

Question No (22) Where the “Acker Peak” is located in America?
Answer: Yosemite National Park in California.

Question No (23) What is the height of Acker Peak?
Answer: 10,859 feet.

Question No (24) California Belongs to which region of America?
Answer: Pacific Region.

Question No (25) Which state is the third largest state of America?
Answer: California.

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