GK Questions Important Question for SSC 2022

UPSC AND SSC Important GK Questions and Answers

UPSC AND SSC Important GK Questions and Answers

Hello user, this post we posted UPSC AND SSC Important GK Questions and Answers, taken from the some previous year papers.
These questions ( Related to IT, Business, Banks, Governments, Internet, Basic Science, Physics, History) will improve your general knowledge and help in many  examinations.

So Now and improve your GK.

QUESTION- (1) Financial year in banks is a period from?
(A) January to December,
(B) May to June,
(C) April to March,
(D) January to April
Answer: C

QUESTION- (2) Who is the CEO of ”Apple”?
(A) Narayana Murthy,
(B) Tim Cook,
(C) Elon Musk,
(D) Steve Jobs
Answer: B

QUESTION- (3) Facebook acquired WhatsApp for (in $)?
(A) 20 billion,
(B) 27 billion,
(C) 19 billion,
(D) 18 billion
Answer: C

QUESTION- (4) Bharti Airtel signed a strategic pact with which Mobile Giant?
(A) Reliance,
(B) Vodafone,
(C) Orange,
(D) Loop
Answer: D

QUESTION- (5) What is the full form of MFN?
(A) Monetary Fund Notary,
(B) Most Favoured Nation,
(C) Mid Firm Nexus,
(D) Most Favourable Nation
Answer: B

QUESTION- (6) The navratna status was recently conferred upon?
(A) National Building Construction Corporation,
(B) Engineers India Limited,
(C) Steel Authority of India Limited,
(D) Both A and B
Answer: D

QUESTION- (7) Which of the following countries has the least Global Peace Index?
(A) Iraq,
(B) Libya,
(C) Syria,
(D) Kenya
Answer: C

QUESTION- (8) What percentage of total global oil reserves is held by the OPEC countries?
(A) 68 percent,
(B) 75 percent,
(C) 81 percent,
(D) 86 percent
Answer: C

QUESTION- (9) Where will Nivea’s first ever manufacturing plant in India come up?
(A) Sanand,
(B) Pune,
(C) Shimla,
(D) Dehradun
Answer: A

QUESTION- (10) Which of the following States will soon have its first Civil Airports?
(A) Jammu and Kashmir,
(B) Maharashtra,
(C) Sikkim,
(D) Meghalaya
Answer: C

QUESTION- (11) With which sports is Pullela Gopichand associated?
(A) Golf,
(B) Billiards,
(C) Tennis,
(D) Badminton
Answer: D

QUESTION- (12) What does DTL stand for in the field of banking?
(A) Demand and Time Liabilities,
(B) Deposit Term Liabilities,
(C) Demand Term Lender,
(D) Derivative and Term Liabilities
Answer: A

QUESTION- (13) Which colour will result by mixing equal amount of blue and yellow colour?
(A) Green,
(B) Yellowish green,
(C) Bottle green,
(D) Indigo
Answer: A

QUESTION- (14) A Software is defined as a?
(A) set of programs and operating information,
(B) set of instructions,
(C) set of statements,
(D) set of tasks
Answer: A

QUESTION- (15) Where is Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy situated?
(A) Gujarat,
(B) Allahabad,
(C) Pune,
(D) Hyderabad
Answer: D

QUESTION- (16) Who is the current Governor of Reserve Bank of India?
(A) Dr. Raghuram Rajan,
(B) Dr. C. Rangarajan,
(C) Dr. D. Subbarao,
(D) Dr. Y V. Reddy
Answer: A

QUESTION- (17) The only cricketer to claim over 500 wickets in both Tests and One-Dayers is?
(A) Ravi Shastri,
(B) Courtney Walsh,
(C) Wasim Akram,
(D) Muttiah Murlitharam
Answer: D

QUESTION- (18) Which nation will host the 2018 women’s hockey World Cup?
(A) United Kingdom,
(B) Spain,
(C) India,
(D) Germany
Answer: A

QUESTION- (19) Which Indian-born Physicist invented the Optical Fibre?
(A) C. V. Raman,
(B) Pramod Srivastav,
(C) Pradeep,
(D) Narinder Singh Kapany
Answer: D

QUESTION- (20) Raja Ravi Varma, the famous painter, was from?
(A) Maharashtra,
(B) Andhra Pradesh,
(C) Madhya Pradesh,
(D) Kerala
Answer: D

QUESTION- (21) Real time settlement of fund transfer is known as?
Answer: A

QUESTION- (22) Which of the following is NOT a banking related term?
(A) SME Finance,
(B) Overdraft,
(C) Equinox,
(D) Sanctioning Authority
Answer: C

QUESTION- (23) Interest rate spreads indicate how efficiently banks?
(A) perform their intermediation role,
(B) provide value-added services to customers,
(C) satisfy their customers,
(D) All of the above
Answer: D

QUESTION- (24) ‘OSCAR’ Awards are given for the excellence in the field of?
(A) Journalism,
(B) Social Service,
(C) Films,
(D) Sports
Answer: C

QUESTION- (25) The gap between two sessions of Parliament should not be more than?
(A) 8 months,
(B) six months,
(C) five months,
(D) 2 months
Answer: B

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