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UPSC Practice Set 3 Multiple Choice Questions Answers

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UPSC Practice Set 3

These UPSC Practice Set Multiple Choice Questions Answers are very helpful for your UPSC exams practice before going the examination hall. Lets start learn and gain more questions answers. We have mention the answers with the each UPSC practice set questions.

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Question (1) Which of the following countries signed the Tshwane Declaration in October 2006?
A. China and South Africa,
B. India and South Africa,
C. South Africa and Botswana,
D. Saudi Arabia and South Africa
Ans:- B

Question (2) Who among the following is Chile’s first woman President?
A. D. Ortega,
B. M. Bachelet,
C. E. Morales,
D. A. Garcia
Ans:- B

Question (3) Which one of the following Himalayan Passes was reopened around in the middle of the year 2006 to facilitate trade between India and China?
A. Chang La,
B. Jara La,
C. Nathu La,
D. Shipki La
Ans:- C

Question (4) Which one of the following is also known as Top Slip?
A. Simlipal National Park,
B. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary,
C. Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary,
D. Indra Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park
Ans:- D

Question (5) In which one of the following districts, have large reserves of diamond-bearing kimberlite been discovered in the recent past?
A. Hoshangabad,
B. Raipur,
C. Sambalpur,
D. Warangal
Ans:- B

Question (6) Who among the following served as the Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund?
A. Ashok Lahiri,
B. Sumantra Ghoshal,
C. Saumitra Chaudhuri,
D. Raghuram Rajan
Ans:- D

Question (7) NASA’s Deep Impact space mission was employed to take detailed pictures of which comet nucleus?
A. Halley’s Comet,
B. Hale-Bopp,
C. Hyakutake,
D. Temple 1
Ans:- D

Question (8) Tarapore committee was associated with which one of the following?
A. Special Economic Zones,
B. Fuller capital account convertibility,
C. Foreign exchange reserves,
D. Effect of oil-prices on the Indian economy
Ans:- B

Question (9) In which state is the Guru Shikhar Peak Located?
A. Rajasthan,
B. Gujarat,
C. Madhya Pradesh,
D. Maharashtra
Ans:- A

Question (10) Parimarjan Negi has excelled in which one of the following games?
A. Billiards,
B. Swimming,
C. Chess,
D. Weightlifting
Ans:- C

Question (11) Which one of the following countries is planning to construct a rival to the Panama Canal to link the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans?
A. Colombia,
B. Costa Rica,
C. Guatemala,
D. Nicaragua
Ans:- D

Question (12) Where is the famous Vijaya Vittala temple having its 56 carved pillars emitting musical notes located?
A. Belur,
B. Bhadrachalam,
C. Hampi,
D. Srirangam
Ans:- C

Question (13) In which one of the following cities is the Global Automotive Research Centre being set up?
A. Chennai,
B. Hyderabad,
C. Pune,
D. Gurgaon
Ans:- A

Question (14) The largest coral reef in the world is found near the coast of which one of the following countries?
A. Australia,
B. Cuba,
C. Ghana,
D. Philippines
Ans:- A

Question (15) Which one of the following places was associated with Acharya Vinoba Bhave’s Bhoodan Movement at the beginning of the movement?
A. Udaygiri,
B. Raipur,
C. Pochampaili,
D. Venkatagiri
Ans:- C

Question (16) Which one of the following is located in the Baster region?
A. Bandhavgarh National Park,
B. Dandeli Sanctuary,
C. Rajaji National Park,
D. Indravati National Park
Ans:- D

Question (17) Where are Shevaroy Hills located?
A. Andhru Pradesh,
B. Karnataka,
C. Kerala,
D. Tamil Nadu
Ans:- D

Question (18) Who among the following started newspaper name – ‘Shome Prakash’?
A. Dayanand Saraswati,
B. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar,
C. Raja Rammohan Roy,
D. Surendranath Banerjee
Ans:- B

Question (19) Which one of the following National Highways passes through Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Orissa?
A. NH 4,
B. NH 5,
C. NH 6,
D. NH 7
Ans:- C

Question (20) Who was the Speaker of the First Lok Sabha?
A. Hukam Singh,
B. G.V. Mavalankar,
C. U.N. Dhebar,
D. K.M. Munshi
Ans:- B

Question (21) In human body, which structure is the appendix attached to?
A. The large intestine,
B. The small intestine,
C. The gall bladder,
D. The stomach
Ans:- A

Question (22) Through which one of the following Straits, does a tunnel connect the United Kingdom and France?
A. Davis Strait,
B. Denmark Strait,
C. Strait of Dover,
D. Strait of Gibraltar
Ans:- C

Question (23) Shahgarh area in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan was in news in the year 2006 because of which one of the following?
A. Finding high quality gas reserves,
B. Finding uranium deposits,
C. Finding zinc deposits,
D. Installation of wind power units
Ans:- A

Question (24) At which one of the following places did Mahatma Gandhi first start his Satyagraha in India?
A. Ahmedabad,
B. Bardoli,
C. Champaran,
D. Kheda
Ans:- C

Question (25) Who among the following was chosen as the FIFA World Player of the Year for the Year 2006?
A. Zinedine Zidane,
B. Fabio Cannavaro,
C. Ronaldinho,
D. Thierry Henry
Ans: B

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