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Uttar Pradesh UPPSC Mains Solved General Study 50 Questions

Uttar Pradesh UPPSC Mains Solved General Study 50 Questions

Uttar Pradesh UPPSC Mains Solved General Study 50 Questions. These Questions were asked in UPPSC Mains Exam of General Studies Paper-1 held on 21-Dec-2012.
Note: Below are 50 Questions and the all answers are given after the questions.


Question No (1) With which country, India has signed Social Security Agreement in June 2012?
(A) Estonia,
(B) Finland,
(C) Norway,
(D) Sweden

Question No (2) ‘Lalit’ is an improved variety of?
(A) Mango,
(B) Guava,
(C) Banana,
(D) Strawbery

Question No (3) The Public Sector undertaking included in ‘Navratna’ is?
(D) All of the above

Question No (4) Which one of the following is considered to be the most significant battle in the establishment of British Supremacy in India?
(A) Buxar,
(B) Plassey,
(C) Seringapattam,
(D) Wandiwash

Question No (5) The main Commercial Crop of Uttar Pradesh is?
(A) Oil seeds,
(B) Cotton,
(C) Sugarcane,
(D) Jute

Question No (6) In Uttar Pradesh the highest production of ‘Aonla’ comes from?
(A) Rae Bareli District,
(B) Pratapgarh District,
(C) Sultanpur District,
(D) Faizabad District

Question No (7) According to population Census 2011, which States has largest. number of females per thousand males?
(A) Tamil Nadu,
(B) Manipur,
(C) Meghalaya,
(D) Kerala

Question No (8) The decadal growth of population was the lowest in 2011 in the State of?
(A) Andhra Pradesh,
(B) Bihar,
(C) Tamil Nadu,
(D) West Bengal

Question No (9) 22nd Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhawana Award has been given to?
(A) D. R. Mehta,
(B) Gautam Bhai,
(C) Maulana Waheeduddin Khan,
(D) Nirmala Deshpande

Question No (10) Railway Coach factory in Uttar Pradesh is being established at?
(A) Rae Bareli,
(B) Noida,
(C) Kanpur,
(D) Amethi

Question No (11) Court Language during Mughal period was?
(A) Arabic,
(B) Turki,
(C) Persian,
(D) Urdu

Question No (12) Who succeeded Aurangzeb after his death in 1707 A.D. ?
(A) Bahadur Shah I,
(B) Jahandar Shah,
(C) Mohammad Shah,
(D) Akbar II

Question No (13) Central Food Technological Research Institute is located at?
(A) Bengaluru,
(B) Mysore,
(C) Chennai,
(D) Hyderabad

Question No (14) The average cropping intensity of India is about?
(A) 110 per cent,
(B) 135 per cent,
(C) 160 per cent,
(D) 185 per cent

Question No (15) Rourkela Steel Plant was established in collaboration with?
(A) United Kingdom,
(B) Russia,
(C) U.S.A.,
(D) Germany

Question No (16) Aurobindo Ghosh was brilliantly defended in the Alipur cons-piracy case by?
(A) Chitta Ranjan Das,
(B) W. C. Bannerjee,
(C) Motilal Nehru,
(D) Tej Bahadur Sapru

Question No (17) Who among the following Sufis regarded Krishna among the Auliya?
(A) Shah Abdul Azeez,
(B) Shah Waliullah,
(C) Shah Kalimullah,
(D) Muhammad Ghaus

Question No (18) Who is known as the ‘Father of Hindi Khadi Boli?
(A) Amir Khusrau,
(B) Malik Muhammad Jaisi,
(C) Kabir,
(D) Abdul Rahim-Khan-i-Khanan

Question No (19) The Indian National Congress was formed during Governor Generalship of?
(A) Lord Ripon,
(B) Lord William Bentinck,
(C) Lord Dafferin,
(D) Lord Curzon

Question No (20) Sati system was abolished by?
(A) Lord Warren Hastings,
(B) Lord Wellesley,
(C) Lord William Bentinck,
(D) Lord Ripon

Question No (21) Indian Grassland and Forest Research Institute is located at?
(A) Bahraich,
(B) Ranchi,
(C) Jhansi,
(D) Patna

Question No (22) In Uttar Pradesh, the first Viklang Viswa Vidyalaya has been established at?
(A) Banda,
(B) Kanpur,
(C) Chitrakoot,
(D) Sonbhadra

Question No (23) In Uttar Pradesh Mid-day-meal programme was started in the year?
(A) 1985,
(B) 1990,
(C) 1995,
(D) 1997

Question No (24) In Uttar Pradesh ‘Rani Laxmibai Dam Project’ has been constructed on the river?
(A) Ghagra,
(B) Betwa,
(C) Sone,
(D) Chambal

Question No (25) Which one of the following Tiger reserves of India is located in Mizoram?
(A) Melghat,
(B) Buxa,
(C) Dampha,
(D) Bhadra

Question No (26) The 9th World Hindi Conference was held on?
(A) Chicago,
(B) Johannesburg,
(C) London,
(D) New York

Question No (27) Which of the following States of India does not have common border with Myanmar?
(A) Assam,
(B) Nagaland,
(C) Arunachal Pradesh,
(D) Mizoram

Question No (28) In India which State has the largest representation in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha?
(A) Uttar Pradesh,
(B) Madhya Pradesh,
(C) Maharashtra,
(D) Andhra Pradesh

Question No (29) According to 2011 Census, figures, which among the following Districts in Uttar Pradesh has the lowest female literacy?
(A) Ballia,
(B) Deoria,
(C) Gorakhpur,
(D) Rampur

Question No (30) Famous ‘Chirkula’ dance is associated with?
(A) Avadh,
(B) Bundelkhand,
(C) Brij Bhumi,
(D) Rohilkhand

Question No (31) In which one of the following countries are Pampas Grasslands located?
(A) Paraguay,
(B) Bolivia,
(C) Argentina,
(D) Uruguay

Question No (32) Which of the following countries is called ‘Garden of Lakes’?
(A) Poland,
(B) Finland,
(C) Netherlands,
(D) Switzerland

Question No (33) Which of the following Mauryan officers was in-charge of weights and measures?
(A) Pautavadhyaksha,
(B) Panyadhyaksha,
(C) Sitadhyaksha,
(D) Sunadhyaksha

Question No (34) The Harappan city represented by the archaeological site of Lothal was situated on the river?
(A) Narmada,
(B) Mahi,
(C) Bhogava,
(D) Bhima

Question No (35) Bal Gangadhar Tilak was given the epithet Lokmanya during?
(A) Swadeshi Movement,
(B) Revolutionary Movement,
(C) Home Rule Movement,
(D) Quit India Movement

Question No (36) Tsunami Warning Centre in India is located in?
(A) Chennai,
(B) Vishakhapatnam,
(C) Hyderabad,
(D) Port Blair

Question No (37) Which State of India recorded the negative growth-rate of population during 2001-11?
(A) Goa,
(B) Kerala,
(C) Karnataka,
(D) Nagaland

Question No (38) Which one of the following crops can be grown in all the three seasons of the year?
(A) Sunflower,
(B) Safflower,
(C) Mustard,
(D) Linseed

Question No (39) First Agricultural University in India was established at?
(A) Pantnagar,
(B) Ludhiana,
(C) Jabalpur,
(D) Kanpur

Question No (40) The famous Tiger Reserve ‘Sariska’ is situated in which of the following States?
(A) Uttar Pradesh,
(B) Rajasthan,
(C) Uttarakhand,
(D) Madhya Pradesh

Question No (41) The biggest producer of spices in India is?
(A) Gujarat,
(B) Kerala,
(C) Madhya Pradesh,
(D) Punjab

Question No (42) Indian Meteorological Department is established at?
(A) New Delhi,
(B) Nagpur,
(C) Jodhpur,
(D) Pune

Question No (43) Who among the following acted as President of Indian National Congress for six consecutive years?
(A) Dadabhai Naoroji,
(B) Abul Kalam Azad,
(C) Gopal Krishna Gokhale,
(D) Jawaharlal Nehru

Question No (44) Among the following, which area of Uttar Pradesh is maximum flood affected?
(A) Western area,
(B) Eastern area,
(C) Middle area,
(D) Northern area

Question No (45) The conquest of Sindh by British was completed during the period of?
(A) Lord Ellenborough,
(B) Lord Hardinge,
(C) Lord Aukland,
(D) Lord Arnherst

Question No (46) Who among the following estabhshed Delhi as the Capital of Sultanate?
(A) Muizzuddin Muhammad Gori,
(B) Qutubuddin Aibak,
(C) Iltutmish,
(D) Aram Shah

Question No (47) Mausoleum (Dargah) of which Chisti Saint was most visited by Akbar?
(A) Moinuddin Chisti,
(B) Sheikh Nasimuddin Chirag Dehalvi,
(C) Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Qaki,
(D) Sheikh Farid Sanj-ai-Shakar

Question No (48) In Uttar Pradesh when ‘Go to School Campaign’ for primary education, was started?
(A) In the year 1999,
(B) In the year 2000,
(C) In the year 2001,
(D) In the year 2002

Question No (49) In Uttar Pradesh maximum percentage of workers are engaged in?
(A) Agriculture field,
(B) Industry field,
(C) Service field,
(D) Industry and Service field

Question No (50) Who was India’s flag bearer at the London Olympics 2012 ?
(A) Mary Kom,
(B) Saina Nehwal,
(C) Sushil Kumar,
(D) Vijay Kumar

Answers of Above Questions.

(1) B,  (2) B,  (3) A,  (4) A,  (5) C,  (6) B,  (7) D,  (8) A,  (9) A,  (10) A,

(11) C,  (12) A,  (13) B,  (14) B,  (15) D,  (16) A,  (17) D,  (18) A,  (19) C,  (20) C,

(21) C,  (22) C,  (23) C,  (24) B,  (25) C,  (26) B,  (27) A,  (28) A,  (29) D,  (30) C,

(31) C,  (32) B,  (33) A,  (34) C,  (35) C,  (36) D,  (37) D,  (38) A,  (39) A,  (40) B,

(41) B,  (42) D,  (43) B,  (44) B,  (45) A,  (46) C,  (47) A,  (48) A,  (49) A,  (50) C


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