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Uttarakhand GK – Top 50 General Knowledge (Single Liner) Questions Answers (Set-2)

Uttarakhand General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Uttarakhand General Knowledge Single Liner Questions and Answers – In this post we have updated the top most 50 general knowledge questions and there answers given below after questions.

These are single liner types questions answers. You can read and test yourself after match with the right answers given below. There are total 50 questions about Uttarakhand for your 2022 exams preparations.

These type questions will help in increasing your GK Level and you can do practice with these questions and answers.

Good Luck for Your Latest Uttarakhand Government Examinations 2022

Question (1) Karvashram is situated in which region of Uttarakhand?
Answer: Garhwal.

Question (2) Where is the Rajaji National Park situated ?
Answer: Dehradun.

Question (3) Among the High Courts of the country, the Uttarakhand High Court ranks ?
Answer: 20th.

Question (4) How many tahsils are there in Uttarakhand ?
Answer: 49.

Question (5) Who was the first regional leader to think about the formation of Uttarakhand ?
Answer: Badri Dutt Pandey.

Question (6) By which name is the Haridwar known ?
Answer: Kumbh Nagri and  Sant Nagri.

Question (7) When was the Gurukul Kangri Museum Haridwar established ?
Answer: 1907-08.

Question (8) Where is the Naina-Saini aerodrome in Uttarakhand ?
Answer: Pithoragh.

Question (9) Which of the following universities has been given the status of I.I.T. ?
Answer: Roorkee University.

Question (10) Where is the Tiffin Top situated?
Answer: Nainital.

Question (11) Where has an I.I.T. in collaboration with I.I.T. Switzerland been opened ?
Answer: Nainital.

Question (12) In Uttarakhand, Shri Satpal Maharaj is originally ?
Answer: A Spiritual Guru.

Question (13) First D.G.P. (Director General Police) Sir Ashok Kant Saran belongs to ?
Answer: Uttarakhand.

Question (14) Which is the first state assembly to establish its separate website ?
Answer: Uttarakhand.

Question (15) Who is the first Chairman of the Public Service Commission of Uttarakhand ?
Answer: N. P. Nawani.

Question (16) Where is the Bhuvneshwari fair organised at Uttarakhand ?
Answer: Pauri.

Question (17) General B.C. Joshi, the former Army Chief was the resident of ?
Answer: Almora.

Question (18) Who was the first Commissioner of Uttarakhand ?
Answer: Mr. Gardener.

Question (19) When was the Kumaon Council formed ?
Answer: 1926.

Question (20) Chandi Prasad the dignity of Uttarakhand, was awarded the international prize, what is that prize ?
Answer: Ramon Magsaysay Prize.

Question (21) Which of these is the Mini Switzerland according to Mahatma Gandhi ?
Answer: Almora (Kausani).

Question (22) Ajay Vikram Singh, the First Administrator of the state is a ?
Answer: Chief Secretary.

Question (23) Who was the Commission for Uttarakhand ?
Answer: Fazal Ali Commission.

Question (24) Where is the agriculture universities in Uttarakhand ?
Answer: Pant Nagar (Nainital).

Question (25) Which one of the following cities is situated at river terraces ?
Answer: Sri Nagar.

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