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“Uttarakhand Political Questions”.

Question: Currently who is the Chief Minister (CM) of Uttarakhand State since 18 March 2017?
Answer:- Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat (BJP Party).

Question: Currently who is the Governor of Uttarakhand State since 26 August 2018?
Answer:- ‘Baby Rani Maurya’.


Question- (1) Where is the Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited situated?
(A) Haridwar,  (B) Bhim-Tal,  (C) Kotdwar,  (D) Nainital
Answer: A

Question- (2) On which day is ‘Green-day’ celebrated in Uttarakhand?
(A) 3rd July,  (B) 5th July,  (C) 8th July,  (D) 15th July
Answer: B

Question- (3) Uttarakhand have how many Polytechnic colleges in the state?
(A) 7,  (B) 6,  (C) 5,  (D) 8
Answer: C

Question- (4) How many member sets are there in Uttarakhand Vidhan Sabha?
(A) 60,  (B) 70,  (C) 75,  (D) 80
Answer: B

Question- (5) Where is the agriculture universities in Uttarakhand?
(A) Pant Nagar (Nainital),  (B) Pauri,  (C) Rudra Prayag,  (D) Roorkee (Haridwar)
Answer: A

Question- (6) Where has the wild life protection training center been established in Uttarakhand?
(A) Almora,  (B) Kalagarh,  (C) Nainital,  (D) Chamoli
Answer: B

Question- (7) Which of these is the Mini Switzerland according to Mahatma Gandhi?
(A) Almora (Kausani),  (B) Nainital,  (C) Badri Nath,  (D) Pithoragarh Singh
Answer: A

Question- (8) The first leader of the country who owned the responsibility of poverty and backwardness of Uttarakhand was-
(A) Atal Behari Bajpai,  (B) Lal Krishan Adwani,  (C) Mrs. Indra Gandhi,  (D) Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru
Answer: C

Question- (9) What is Lansdowne?
(A) A tourist place,  (B) An industrial area,  (C) A recreational place,  (D) None of these
Answer: A

Question- (10) Which one of the following cities is situated at river terraces?
(A) Dev Prayag,  (B) Sri Nagar,  (C) Pauri,  (D) Chakarata
Answer: B

Question- (11) What is the main cause of the formation of Uttarakhand?
(A) Land and identity of hilly people,  (B) Backwardness, poverty, inconvenience and migration,  (C) Protection of hill peoples culture,  (D) Political awareness of hilly people
Answer: B

Question- (12) The 2001-2011 decade increase in the population of Uttarakhand is-
(A) 20%,  (B) 19.5%,  (C) 19.17%,  (D) 19 %
Answer: C

Question- (13) Among the High Courts of the country, the Uttarakhand High Court ranks-
(A) 18th,  (B) 19th,  (C) 20th,  (D) 21st
Answer: C

Question- (14) Main source of income of Uttarakhand is-
(A) Energy,  (B) Forest resources and tourism,  (C) Industry,  (D) Agriculture
Answer: B

Question- (15) How many districts are there in Uttarakhand?
(A) 10,  (B) 12,  (C) 13,  (D) 15
Answer: C

Question- (16) Where is the Sahastradhara water fall?
(A) Badri Nath,  (B) Mussoorie,  (C) Pithoragarh,  (D) Kedar-Nath
Answer: B

Question- (17) Tiger project is related with-
(A) Corbett National Park,  (B) Dudhwa National Park,  (C) Nanda Devi National Park,  (D) Rajaji National Park
Answer: A

Question- (18) On which date ‘Vijay Bahuguna’ became the 6th Chief Minister of Uttarakhand State?
(A) March 30, 2012  (B) March 13, 2012,  (C) March 23, 2012,  (D) March 29, 2012
Answer: B

Question- (19) When was the ‘Kumaon Council’ formed?
(A) 1927,  (B) 1928,   (C) 1926,  (D) 1925
Answer: C

Question- (20) Which of the following passes is in Uttarakhand?
(A) Mana,  (B) Darma,  (C) Kungri-Bigri,  (D) Lipulekh
Answer: A

Question- (21) In which region of Uttarakhand is ‘Nagrik and Soyam forest development project’ launched?
(A) Kumaon region,  (B) Garhwal region,  (C) Both in (A) and (B),  (D) Entire state
Answer: C

Question- (22) Where is the China peak situated?
(A) Chamoli,  (B) Almora,  (C) Uttar Kashi,  (D) Nainital
Answer: D

Question- (23) Where is the maximum rice grown in Uttarakhand?
(A) Nainital,  (B) Dehradun,  (C) Uddham Singh Nagar,  (D) Haridwar
Answer: B

Question- (24) The historic achievement of mountaineer ‘Bachhendri Pal’ is what?
(A) Comet and Gamin victory,  (B) Mount Black victory,  (C) Guide to new mountaineers,  (D) Mount Everest victory
Answer: D

Question- (25) Who was the leader of Utthan-Parishad in Uttarakhand?
(A) Soban Singh Jeena,  (B) Taradutt Pandey,  (C) Badridatt Pandey,  (D) Daya Krishna
Answer: C

Question- (26) Dr. Pitambar Dutt Badashwal prize 2000, was awarded by Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan to which literary person?
(A) Sailesh Matiyani,  (B) Himanshu Joshi,  (C) Govind Chatak,  (D) Dr. Dinesh Chand Baluni
Answer: D

Question- (27) Chandi Prasad the dignity of Uttarakhand, was awarded the international prize, what is that prize?
(A) Nobel prize,  (B) Oskar prize,  (C) Ramon Magsaysay Prize,  (D) None of these
Answer: C

Question- (28) The capital (Temporary) of Uttarakhand is?
(A) Dehradun,  (B) Gairsain,  (C) Nainital,  (D) Kalagarh
Answer: A

Question- (29) What is ‘Pindari’ in the Uttarakhand?
(A) A pass,  (B) A mountainous range,  (C) A river,  (D) A Glacier
Answer: D

Question- (30) What is the cultivated land percentage in Uttarakhand is?
(A) 10.5%,  (B) 12.5%,  (C) 13.5%,  (D) 14.5%
Answer: B

Question- (31) At which place does the Ganga enter the plains area?
(A) Haridwar,  (B) Dehradun,  (C) Moradabad,  (D) Garh-Mukteshwar
Answer: A

Question- (32) The density of population of Uttarakhand according to 2011 is-
(A) 150,  (B) 189,  (C) 160,  (D) 161
Answer: B

Question- (33) Who was the first Chief Minister of Uttarakhand?
(A) Nityanand Swami,  (B) Surjeet Singh Barnala,  (C) Govind Ballabh Pant,  (D) Narain Dutt Tiwari
Answer: A

Question- (34) When did the earthquake occur in Uttar Kashi?
(A) In 1990,  (B) In 1991,  (C) In 1992,  (D) In 1998
Answer: B

Question- (35) What is the percentage of total literacy in Uttarakhand?
(A) 70%,   (B) 75%,   (C) 71.6%,   (D) 67.75%
Answer: C

Question- (36) The national poet Sumitra Nandan Pant was the resident of which place?
(A) Kausani (Almora),  (B) Nainital,  (C) Bageshwar,  (D) Almora
Answer: A

Question- (37) Which one of the following is not the policy matter of New Industrial Policy of Uttarakhand?
(A) No Subsidy to new industries,  (B) 2% rebate of interest at the loan of 2 lac,  (C) Rehabilitation of handicrafts, handloom industries etc,  (D) To exempt from tax upto five years
Answer: D

Question- (38) What is the total percentage of population having the age group of 0 to 6 in Uttarakhand?
(A) 15.56%,  (B) 16.04%,   (C)17.32%,   (D) 14.15%
Answer: A

Question- (39) Kaushik Samiti recommended Uttarakhand capital appropriate for which place?
(A) Dehradun,  (B) Gairsain,  (C) Haridwar,  (D) Haldwani
Answer: B

Question- (40) What is the altitude of Roopkund Lake (Chamoli District) in Uttarakhand?
Answer: 5,029 Meters (16,499 feet).

Question- (41) The origin of Pindar river is from which place?
(A) Milam,  (B) Badri Nath,  (C) Pindari Glacier,  (D) Kedar Nath
Answer: C

Question- (42) Who was appointed the first Registrar General of Uttarakhand High Court?
(A) L.P. Nathani,  (B) G.C.S. Rawat,  (C) M.M. Ghandiyal,  (D) Sudhansu Dhulia
Answer: B

Question- (43) Who is the first Chairman of the Public Service Commission of Uttarakhand?
(A) N.P. Nawani,  (B) K. Arya,  (C) Ajay Vikram Singh,  (D) Ashok Kant Saran
Ans: A

Question- (44) Who said “Ranikhet is one of the beautiful hill stations of Uttarakhand”?
(A) Justice William C. Douglas,  (B) Mahatma Gandhi,  (C) Rajendra Prasad,  (D) Sumitra Nandan Pant
Answer: A

Question- (45) Who presented the 1st budget (State Budget) 2001-2002, on 3rd May, 2001 in Uttarakhand Vidhan Sabha?
(A) Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank,  (B) Nitya Nand Swami,  (C) Prakash Pant,  (D) Matwar Singh Bhandari
Answer: A

Question- (46) Where has an I.I.T. in collaboration with I.I.T. Switzerland been opened?
(A) Dehradun,  (B) Nainital,  (C) Chamoli,  (D) Almora
Answer: B

Question- (47) Who has the record of being Protem speaker for maximum period i.e. (46 days)?
(A) Dharam Singh (U. P. Assembly),  (B) InderSinghNamdhari (Jharkhand Assembly),  (C) Kazi Mohiuddin (Uttarakhand Assembly),  (D) Rajendra Prasad Shukla (Chhattisgarh Assembly)
Answer: C

Question- (48) Who was the first Prime Minister to announce the formation of Uttarakhand state on indepences day?
(A) Atal Bihari Bajpai,  (B) Rajeev Gandhi,  (C) Chandrashekhar,  (D) H.D. Devgowda
Answer: D

Question- (49) At which place does river Bhagirathi merge with Alakananda?
(A) Rudra Prayag,  (B) Tehri,  (C) Dev Prayag,  (D) Rishikesh
Answer: C

Question- (50) Champawat district belongs to which Division of Uttarakhand?
Answer: Kumaon Division.

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