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Uttarakhand Group C – Solved Paper With Question Answer Important For 2022

Uttarakhand Group C Solved Question Paper with Answer Previous Papers Important For 2022

Uttarakhand Group C Solved Question Paper with Answer Previous Papers : In this post we have updated the Group C Solved Question Paper of Uttarakhand Government Examinations which was held in previous years.

We know that you are preparing for Group C Next examinations of Uttarakhand government. So we have given below the Group C Solved Question Paper with there answers in this post and we hope it will be very helpful for you in 2022 exams too.

Read now and Good luck for your upcoming Group C Exam.

Question (1) The Union government grantee Navratna status to …… and ……. ?
D. None of the above
Answer: B

Question (2) Famous TV star Smriti Irani is the present Union Cabinet Minister for?
A. Human Resource Development,
B. Woman and Child Development,
C. Union Minister for Textiles,
D. None of the above
Answer: C

Question (3) Dipika Pallikal is associated with which sports?
A. Squash,
B. Cricket,
C. Football,
D. None of these
Answer: A

Question (4) ……… is helping India for Ganga rejuvenation?
A. China,
B. Nepal,
C. The USA,
D. Japan
Answer: D

Question (5) ‘Molaram Chitra Sangrahalaya’ is located at?
A. Haridwar,
B. Chamoli,
C. Champawat,
D. Srinagar (Pauri)
Answer: D

Question (6) ‘Rajaji National Park’ is spread over in ……….. district/districts?
A. Dehradun,
B. Pauri,
C. Haridwar,
D. All of these
Answer: D

Question (7) ‘And then One Day : A Memoir’ is the autobiography of?
A. Amitabh Bachchan,
B. Kapil Dev,
C. Rajesh Khanna,
D. Naseeruddin Shah
Answer: D

Question (8) Which day is celebrated in the honour of war heroes of Kargil every year?
A. July 1,
B. July 26,
C. July 27,
D. August 15
Answer: B

Question (9) Govind Ballabh Pant founded ………. in Kashipur?
A. Pant Sabha,
B. Pran Sabha,
C. Prem Sabha,
D. Pahar Sabha
Answer: D

Question (10) ‘Monal’ is the National Bird of?
A. Tibet,
B. Bhutan,
C. Nepal,
D. Sri Lanka
Answer: C

Question (11) Mullaperiyar dam is located in which State of India?
A Maharashtra,
B. Orissa,
C. Kerala,
D. Assam
Answer: C

Question (12) …………. to become 19th country to adopt Euro as currency from January 1, 2015?
A. China,
B. Brazil,
C. Korea,
D. Lithuania
Answer: D

Question (13) Which private sector bank in India sets Guinness record in blood collection?
A. HDFC Bank,
B. ICICI Bank,
C. Axis Bank,
D. IDBI Bank
Answer: A

Question (14) Uttarakhand Technical University is located at?
A. Nainital,
B. Pithoragarh,
C. Haridwar,
D. Dehradun
Answer: D

Question (15) International Tigers Day is observed on?
A. July 26,
B. July 29,
C. July 27,
D. July 30
Answer: B

Question (16) ‘Bhanu Pratap’ was the king of?
A. Dronpur,
B. Jaunsar,
C. Jageshwarpuri,
D. Chandpur Garhi
Answer: D

Question (17) Dunda and Mori tehsils are in which district?
A. Uttarkashi,
B. Chamoli,
C. Champawat,
D. Dehradun
Answer: A

Question (18) The measuring unit of land in Uttarakhand is?
A. Nali,
B. Mutthi,
C. Beegha,
D. All of these
Answer: D

Question (19) The National Highway number of Rishikesh-Mana route is?
A. 58,
B. 74,
C. 73,
D. None
Answer: A

Question (20) ECT is what?
A. an apparatus for epilepsy,
B. a drug which acts as sedative,
C. shock treatment,
D. artificial organ
Answer: C

Question (21) AIIMS New Delhi was founded in?
A. 1956,
B. 1947,
C. 1971,
D. None of these
Answer: A

Question (22) Gopinath Munde passed away in a road accident. Who was he?
A. Defence Minister,
B. Union Forest Minister,
C. Finance Minister,
D. Union Rural Development Minister
Answer: D

Question (23) World Environment Day was founded by the UN in year?
A. 1951,
B. 1972,
C. 1930,
D. None of these
Answer: B

Question (24) The Currency of United Kingdom?
A. Pound sterling,
B. Dollar,
C. Euro,
D. None of the
Answer: A

Question (25) ……… is called Gateway of India?
A. New Delhi,
B. Mumbai,
C. Kolkata,
D. Chennai
Answer: B

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