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Uttarakhand Lekhpal Patwari Important GK Questions For 2022 Exams

Uttarakhand Lekhpal Patwari Important GK Questions

In this Post we have updated the following Uttarakhand Lekhpal Patwari important GK Questions for the upcoming examinations in  and you can make better preparations for 2022 exams by learn these important GK Questions.

These Uttarakhand Lekhpal Patwari important GK Questions includes all the topics like science and technology, major events in history, computer general knowledge and basic general science.

100 Important GK Questions for Uttarakhand Lekhpal Patwari Examinations Next Exams.

Please read these GK Questions for examinations and it will be increase your GK Skills and also increase your confident in the exams because we have includes these questions from different previous exams of Uttarakhand and benefits to all exams appears in Uttarakhand Lekhpal Patwari Exams 2022.


Question No (1) What is the unit of luminous efficiency of an electric bulb?
Answer is:-  Lumen / watt.

Question No (2) The unidirectional property of a PN-junction is useful for its use as which thing?
Answer is:-  Rectifier.

Question No (3) Which energy of the electron at absolute zero is called?
Answer is:–  Fermi energy.

Question No (4) For television broadcasting, what frequency is employed normally?
Answer is:-  30-300 MHz.

Question No (5) Which effect shows particle nature of height?
Answer is:-  Photoelectric effect.

Question No (6) Generally, you access the recycle bin through an icon, where is this located?
Answer is:-  On the desktop.

Question No (7) Kirchhoff’s voltage law is based on the law of conservation of which thing?
Answer is:-  Energy.

Question No (8) Why is In a hydel station the motion produced in turbines?
Answer is:-  Due to the flow of water.

Question No (9) What is most suitable for the core of an electromagnet?
Answer is:-  Soft iron.

Question No (10) At a grid sub stations the voltage is stepped up to reduce loss of which thing?
Answer is:-  Power.

Question No (11) Equal charges are given to two spheres of different radii. What will the potential be?
Answer is:-  More on smaller sphere.

Question No (12) Two electron beams are traveling parallel to each other. What will be their reactions?
Answer is:-  Repel each other.

Question No (13) Instrument used to store the electric charge is known by which name?
Answer is:-  Capacitor.

Question No (14) Direct conversion of solar energy with the use of photo voltaic cell results in the production of which energy?
Answer is:-  Electrical energy.

Question No (15) Why is energy is continuously generated in the sun?
Answer is:-  Due to nuclear fusion.

Question No (16) What is the ratio of specific charges of an á-particle to that of a proton?
Answer is:-  1/2

Question No (17) When you install a new program on your computer, where is it typically added?
Answer is:-  All programs menu.

Question No (18) Something which has easily-understood instructions, what is said to be?
Answer is:-  Analog data.

Question No (19) Which of light are strongly absorbed by plants?
Answer is:-  Blue and red.

Question No (20) A far-sighted person has a near point at 100 cm. What must be the power of the correcting lens?
Answer is:-  +3.0 D

Question No (21) How many image can a man see if he stands between two plane mirrors inclined at an angle of 60°?
Answer is:-  5

Question No (22) What work is work done in moving a positive charge on an equipotential surface?
Answer is:-  Zero.

Question No (23) Long distance short-wave radio broad casting uses which waves?
Answer is:-  Ionospheric wave.

Question No (24) Which satellite is used in ship-to-shore and shore-to-shore and shore-to-ship communication?
Answer is:-  Marisat.

Question No (25) If germanium has to be doped with a donor impurity, how should the foreign atom be?
Answer is:-  Pentavalent.

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