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Important Quiz Questions for Every Examinations

Important Quiz Questions for Every Exams
Top 50 Quiz Questions Answers Geography, Indian Constitution and Polity.

IMPORTANT NOTE :-   All the Candidates those who are preparing for UPSC, SSC CGL and the other competitive exams can learn these Important Quiz Questions for Every Examinations for there better preparations for these exams.

Question (1) Who among the following was the President of Congress during independence?
(A)  Jawaharlal Nehru,
(B)  Mahatma Gandhi,
(C)  Maulana Azad,
(D)  Sardar Patel

Question (2) The Doctrine that the Fundamental Rights cannot be amended under Article 398 was propounded by the Supreme Court in?
(A)  Gopalan. Vs. State of Madras,
(B)  Keshvanand Bharati Vs. State of Kerala,
(C)  Golaknath Vs. State of Punjab,
(D)  Maneka Vs. Union of India

Question (3) Who was the Constitutional Advisor to the Constituent Assembly?
(A)  Dr. Ambedkar,
(B)  Dr. Rajendra Prasad,
(C)  Jawahar Lal Nehru,
(D)  B.N Rao

Question (4) Mawsynram in Cherrapunji receives  _  of rainfall in a year?
(A)  1087 cms,
(B)  1187 cms,
(C)  1287 cms,
(D)  1387 cms

Question (5) India is politically divided into _ ?
(A)  30 states 2 union territories,
(B)  29 states 3 union territories,
(C)  28 states 7 union territories,
(D)  27 states 6 union territories

Question (6) The Mountains which lie parallel to the direction of the southwest monsoon wind is _ ?
(A)  Aravalli,
(B)  Satpura,
(C)  Vindhya,
(D)  Maikala Ranga

Question (7) The local storms in the Northeastern part of India during hot weather season are called _ ?
(A)  Norwesters,
(B)  Loo,
(C)  Mango showers,
(D)  Monsoon

Question (8) The place to the north of Tropic of Cancer experience  _ Climate?
(A)  Equable,
(B)  Polar,
(C)  Continental,
(D)  Desert

Question (9) India experience tropical  _ climate?
(A)  wet,
(B)  hot,
(C)  monsoon,
(D)  dry

Question (10) Pune lies on the leeward side of _ ?
(A)  Western Ghats,
(B)  Eastern Ghats,
(C)  Siwaliks,
(D)  Aravalli

Question (11) If a no-confidence motion is passed against a Minister?
(A)  The concerned Minister has to resign,
(B)  The whole council of Ministers has to resign,
(C)  The Lok Sabha has to be dissolved,
(D)  The Prime Minister and the concerned Minister have to resign

Question (12) The source of River Ganga?
(A)  Yamunotri,
(B)  Siachen,
(C)  Gangotri,
(D)  Karakoram

Question (13) Which of the following are the types of authority attributed to the President of India?
(A)  Real and popular,
(B)  Titular and de-jure,
(C)  Political and nominal,
(D)  Constitutional and nominal

Question (14) Local thunder storms called  _ occur in Punjab during summers?
(A)  Norwesters,
(B)  Kalbisakhi,
(C)  Western Disturbance,
(D)  Mango showers

Question (15) Which is the most important reason to consider India as a Secular State?
(A)  Peoples of different religions live in India,
(B)  Government works for the welfare of people of all religions,
(C)  Religions is separated from politics,
(D)  Minority religions are given special protection

Question (16) The highest peak Mt. Everest is located in _ ?
(A)  Nepal,
(B)  Bhutan,
(C)  India,
(D)  China

Question (17) Palk Strait separates India from _ ?
(A)  Sri Lanka,
(B)  Myanmar,
(C)  Maldives,
(D)  Lakshadweep

Question (18) The President has the power to nominate two members to Lok Sabha belonging to _ ?
(A)  Christian Community,
(B)  Anglo – Indian Community,
(C)  Business Community,
(D)  Sikh Community

Question (19) Resources that can be used or reproduced again and again are  _ ?
(A)  Unnatural Resources,
(B)  Renewable resources,
(C)  Non-Renewable resources,
(D)  Human resources

Question (20) Who participates in the election of the Vice-President?
(A)  Member of the Lok Sabha,
(B)  Elected members of the Rajiya Sabha and the Lok Shaba,
(C)  Member of the Rajiya Shaba and the Lok Shaba,
(D)  Members of Legislative Assemblies of the States

Question (21) The Indian Standard Time is  _ ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time?
(A)  5 hrs 30 Min,
(B)  6 hrs 30 Min,
(C)  7 hrs 30 Min,
(D)  8 hrs 30 Min

Question (22) Sarkaria Commission was concerned with  _?
(A)  Judical reforms,
(B)  Electoral reforms,
(C)  Centre-State relations,
(D)  Financial reforms

Question (23) Rain water harvesting is a part of water _?
(A)  management,
(B)  re-cycling,
(C)  storage,
(D)  usage

Question (24) The soil found in the Arid zone is known as _?
(A)  Desert Soil,
(B)  Laterite Soil,
(C)  Black Soil,
(D)  Alluvial Soil

Question (25) The Supreme Court of India, enunciated the doctrine of ‘Basic structure’ of the Constitution in the  _ ?
(A)  Golaknath case in 1967,
(B)  Sajjan Singh case in 1965,
(C)  Shakari Prasad case in 1951,
(D)  Keshvanand Bharat case in 1973

Question (26) Which of the following categories of Fundamental Rights incorporate Abolition of Untouchability?
(A)  The Right to religion,
(B)  The Right to equality,
(C)  The Right against exploitation,
(D)  The right to freedom

Question (27) The Bay of Bengal is located to the of _ India?
(A)  West,
(B)  South,
(C)  South-East,
(D)  South-West

Question (28) Writs can be issued for the enforcement of Fundamental Rights by _ ?
(A)  District Courts,
(B)  President,
(C)  The Supreme Court only,
(D)  Both the Supreme Court and the High Courts

Question (29) Under which Five Year Plans was the introduction of Panchayati Raj suggested?
(A)  First Five Year Plan,
(B)  Second Five Year Plan,
(C)  Third Five Year Plan,
(D)  Fourth Five Year Plan

Question (30) Minerals and fossil fuels are examples of _ resources?
(A)  Renewable,
(B)  Usable,
(C)  Non-Renewable,
(D)  Non-Metallic

Question (31) Which Article of the Constitution abolishes untouchability?
(A)  Article 42,
(B)  Article 15,
(C)  Article 14,
(D)  Article 17

Question (32) Lame-duck session of Parliament means?
(A)  The first session of Parliament after the elections of the Lok Sabha,
(B)  The last session of Parliament before the dissolution of the lok Sabha,
(C)  The session of Parliament in which the no-confidence motion is discussed,
(D)  A session of Parliament, which fails to pass any Bill

Question (33) The most centrally located meridian of India passes through _ ?
(A)  Ahmadabad,
(B)  Allahabad,
(C)  Hyderabad,
(D)  Aurangabad

Question (34) The highest peak in India _ ?
(A)  Mt. Everest,
(B)  Mt. Godwin Austin,
(C)  Mt. Kanchenjunga,
(D)  Dhaulagiri

Question (35) The Monsoon Forests are otherwise called as _ ?
(A)  Tropical evergreen forest,
(B)  Deciduous forest,
(C)  Mangrove forest,
(D)  Mountain forest

Question (36) Which one of the following mineral is contained in the monazite sands?
(A)  Oil,
(B)  Uranium,
(C)  Thorium,
(D)  Coal

Question (37) Who participates in the election of the Vice-President?
(A)  Member of the Lok Sabha,
(B)  Elected members of the Rajiya Sabha and the Lok Shaba,
(C)  Member of the Rajiya Shaba and the Lok Shaba,
(D)  Members of Legislative Assemblies of the States

Question (38) Under Indian Constitution, the concentration of wealth violates the?
(A)  Directive Principles,
(B)  Right to equality,
(C)  Right to freedom,
(D)  Concept of welfare state

Question (39) Which of the following statements correctly defines the Judicial Review?
(A)  The authority of the Courts to punish political offenders,
(B)  The authority of the Courts to correct the errors of the Government,
(C)  The authority of the Courts to issue various writs,
(D)  The authority of the Courts to interpret the legality of laws

Question (40) The authority to alter the boundaries of States in India rest with _?
(A)  State Government,
(B)  President,
(C)  Prime Minister,
(D)  Parliament

Question (41) At the southern tip of the Indian peninsula lies _ ?
(A)  Kerala,
(B)  Karnataka,
(C)  Kanyakumari,
(D)  Kavaratti

Question (42) Which of the following are the types of authority attributed to the President of India?
(A)  Real and popular,
(B)  Titular and de-jure,
(C)  Political and nominal,
(D)  Constitutional and nominal

Question (43) What was the exact Constitutional Status of the Indian Republic on January 26, 1950?
(A)  A Democratic Republic,
(B)  A sovereign Democratic Republic,
(C)  A sovereign Secular Democratic Republic,
(D)  A sovereign Social Secular Democratic Republic

Question (44) Who amongst the following acts as the presiding officer of the House without being its member?
(A)  Vice-President of India,
(B)  Speaker of Lok Sabha,
(C)  Chairman of the Legislative Council,
(D)  Speaker of the Legislative Assembly

Question (45) Who first described the Indian political system as ‘one party dominance’ to explain the congress party’s hegemony in India?
(A)  W.H. Morris-jones,
(B)  Rajni Kothari,
(C)  Myron Weiner,
(D)  Lloyd Rudolph and Susan Rudolph

Question (46) In which of the following lists of the Indian Constitution is the subject of ‘Population control’ and ‘family planning’ Included?
(A)  Union List,
(B)  Concurrent List,
(C)  State List,
(D)  Residuary List

Question (47) Under which Article of the Constitution of Indian can the President of India be impeached?
(A)  356,
(B)  75,
(C)  76,
(D)  61

Question (48) The source of all political power in India lies with _ ?
(A)  Parliament,
(B)  The Lok Sabha,
(C)  The people,
(D)  The Constitution

Question (49) The authority empowered to make laws in respect to the matters not included in any of the three lists is _ ?
(A)  State Legislatures,
(B)  Parliament,
(C)  Supreme Court,
(D)  President

Question (50) The _ Range in India is the oldest mountain range of the world?
(A)  Satpura,
(B)  Aravalli,
(C)  Himalaya,
(D)  Siwaliks



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