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World Animals Top 100 GK Most Important Questions Answers For 2020-21


Hello GKQUESTIONBANK Readers. Today we have published Best World Animals Top 100 GK Most Important Questions Answers. These questions includes basic to hard GK Questions On World Animals. We have try our maximum to line-ups all the questions those are very important to read and learn.


World Animals Top 100 GK Most Important Questions Answers

These questions will improve your General Knowledge level as well as very helpful for any competition and exams. So lets start reading now these Very Good Questions on World Animals and Increase your GK.

World Best 100 GK Questions On Animals : Highly Recommended Questions On World Animals By GKQUESTIONBANK

Question No (1) World’s smallest Turtle, less than 4 inches lived at where?
Answer: South Africa.

Question No (2) A group of Hyenas is known as what?
Answer: Cackle.

Question No (3) Is the female Hyenas are larger than male Hyenas?
Answer: Yes.

Question No (4) There are how many species of Hyenas?
Answer: 3.

Question No (5) Hermit Crabs live particularly in which places?
Answer: Empty Snail Shells.

Question No (6) Camels were originated at where?
Answer: In North America.

Question No (7) Horses are born only in which season?
Answer: Summer.

Question No (8) Horses are considered adults after which age?
Answer: Five years.

Question No (9) What is the natural food of the Horse?
Answer: Grass.

Question No (10) Which is the world’s tallest Horse?
Answer: English Shire.

Question No (11) There are more than how many kinds of Mosquitoes in the world?
Answer: 2,000.

Question No (12) Mosquitoes have how many antennae?
Answer: Two.

Question No (13) Which animal has the widest hearing range in the world?
Answer: Dolphin.

Question No (14) Animals those eat animals are called as what?
Answer: Carnivores.

Question No (15) Which animals swims in an upright position?
Answer: Sea horse.

Question No (16) Which is the most-trafficked wildlife item around the world?
Answer: Elephant ivory.

Question No (17) Which part of the elephant is combination of their nose and upper lip to touch, grasp and smell?
Answer: Elephant’s Trunk.

Question No (18) Elephants can be distinguished by the shape of what?
Answer: Their Ears.

Question No (19) Why do baby elephants eat their mothers’ droppings?
Answer: To ingest essential gut flora.

Question No (20) In an Elephant’s trunk there are 150,000 muscle fascicles, specialized bundles of muscle fiber. How many muscle groups formed by these?
Answer: 6 major muscle groups.

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