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Read From Below Most Important and Interesting World Current Affairs Questions and Answers 2020. These are all time up to date best World Current Affairs Questions and Answers of the Year 2020. We have concludes World Current Affairs Questions and Answers from all the part of the world which includes World Sports GK, World Political Current Affairs, World Economics Affairs, Geography and Nature related Current Affairs Questions and Answers of 2020.

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Question No (1) To help people maintain social distancing, Google launched which app for the people?
Answer: Sodar.

Question No (2) In the top 100 highest paid athletes of 2020 by Forbes.com which position ‘James Harden’ goted?
Answer: 17th.

Question No (3) Which aerospace company became the first private company to fly astronauts into orbit in May 30, 2020?
Answer: SpaceX (sends NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley).

Question No (4) Who has been re-elected as the President of Togolese Republic?
Answer: Faure Gnassingbe.

Question No (5) Men’s title won by whom at the 2020 NTT ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup?
Answer: Ognjen Stojanovic.

Question No (6) In which state of India, the International Conference on Banana 2020 was organized?
Answer: Tamil Nadu.

Question No (7) 2020 Prague Chess Festival Tournament won by whom?
Answer: Alireza Firouzja.

Question No (8) ‘Yulimar Rojas’ set the new indoor women’s triple jump world record of 15.43 meters. She belongs to which country?
Answer: Venezuela.

Question No (9) Losar is the first day of the New Year. This event is celebrated in which country?
Answer: Tibet.

Question No (10) Possible coronavirus vaccine, COVAXIN is in the process of conducting clinical trials. Which country develop this vaccine?
: India.

Question No (11) Barry O’Farrell appointed as Australia’s next high commissioner to which country?
Answer: India.

Question No (12) Name the F3 driver who won the World Comeback of the Year award at 2020 Laureus Sports Awards?
Answer: Sophia Florsch.

Question No (13) ‘Riek Machar’ sworn in as first vice president of which country on Feb 23, 2020?
Answer: South Sudan.

Question No (14) LIVA Miss Diva Universe 2020 competition won by whom?
Answer: Adline Castelino.

Question No (15) In which country the biggest specimen of the world’s biggest flower has been discovered?
Answer: Indonesia.

Question No (16) 5th edition of joint military Exercise Ajeya Warrior 2020 concluded by which two countries?
Answer: India and United Kingdom.

Question No (17) Carmen Reinhart has been named as vice president and chief economist of which bank?
Answer: World Bank.

Question No (18) Naomi Osaka become the highest paid female athlete in the world, topping which American tennis player?
Answer: Serena Williams.

Question No (19) ‘Suella Braverman’ become the new Attorney General of which country?
Answer: Suella Braverman.

Question No (20) Who became the new Prime Minister of France on 3 July 2020?
Answer: Jean Castex.

Question No (21) Which Research Institute has developed new low-cost Classical Swine Fever vaccine?
Answer: ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) in India.

Question No (22) ‘I am and I will’ was the theme of which day in 2020?
Answer: World Cancer Day 2020 (on 4th February).

Question No (23) Which film won the ‘Best film and best Director at BAFTA awards’ at the BAFTA Awards on 2nd February 2020?
Answer: 1917.

Question No (24) Afghanistan’s presidential election 2020 won by whom?
Answer: President Ashraf Ghani.

Question No (25) United Arab Emirates found a shallow flammable gas reserves of around trillion cubic feet at where on February 2, 2020?
Answer: Between the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Question No (26) On 1st January 2020, India exchanged the list of nuclear installations with which country?
Answer: Pakistan.

Question No (27) Fernando Alonso become the first F1 champion to compete in Dakar Rally 2020. He belongs to which country?
Answer: Spain.

Question No (28) Sonny Mehta was the Visionary head of ‘Alfred A. Knopf’ which is an American Publishing House Company. He died at the age of?
Answer: 77 Years.

Question No (29) To treat Alzheimer’s Disease, which country launched new drug ‘GV-971’ in the market?
Answer: China.

Question No (30) Which country in Oceania became the first country to ban sun cream?
Answer: Palau.

Question No (31) To honor the 200th birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale who designated 2020 as the Year of ‘The Nurse and the Midwife’?
Answer: World Health Organization (WHO).

Question No (32) ‘100 Global Child Prodigy Award 2020’ in the category of singing won by whom?
Answer: Sucheta Satish (14).

Question No (33) Which Movie won the Best Motion Picture – Drama award at the Golden Globes 2020?
Answer: 1917.

Question No (34) World’s oldest man ‘Chitetsu Watanabe’ died at the age of ___ on February 24, 2020?
Answer: 112 years.

Question No (35) ATP Cup 2020 hosted between 3 and 12 January 2020 at where?
Answer: In Queensland Tennis Centre, Sydney and Perth.

Question No (36) Who set a new indoor women’s triple jump world record of 15.43m at Madrid?
Answer: Venezuela’s Yulimar Rojas.

Question No (37) From which city of China, the Coronavirus was spread in the world?
Answer: Wuhan.

Question No (38) Yulimar Rojas set the new indoor women’s triple jump world record. What is the record she made in this final attempt?
Answer: 15.43 m.

Question No (39) ‘World Wetlands Day 2020’ observed on which date?
Answer: Celebrated on 2 February.

Question No (40) In the 22nd edition of world language database Ethnologue report, Hindi language is ___ most spoken in the world in 2019?
Answer: 3rd.

Question No (41) Nuclear-capable cruise missile “Ra’ad-II” (range of 600 km) successfully tested by which country?
Answer: Pakistan.

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