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World Top 50 General Knowledge Questions Answers For 2020-21

World Top 50 General Knowledge Questions Answers

World Top 50 General Knowledge Questions Answers:This post having most common and important World Top 50 General Knowledge Questions Answers and we sure that these questions will be very helpful for your next exams preparation in this year.

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Question (1)  Who does ‘Jim Carrey’ play in the 1994 film The Mask?
Answer:- Stanley Ipkiss.

Question (2)  Which British Formula 1 racing driver survived a Learjet crash in May 2000?
Answer:- David Coulthard.

Question (3)  When World Blood Donor Day was observed worldwide?
:- 14th June 2018.

Question (4)  Which female singer had a hit single with the song What a Girl Wants?
Answer:- Christina.

Question (5)  Which continent has the larger land mass: Antarctica or South America?
Answer:- South America.

Question (6)  ‘Malacology’ the scientific study of what?
Answer:- Molluscs Shells.

Question (7)  What is the more common name for the medical Condition Nyctalopia?
Answer:- Night blindness.

Question (8)  Which US Civil War general led his famous march to the sea?
Answer:- Sherman.

Question (9)  At which US nuclear plant did a nuclear accident occur in 1979?
Answer:- Three Mile Island.

Question (10)  How was the second emperor of Rome, Claudius Nero Caesar, better known?
Answer:- Tiberius.

Question (11)  The statue Christ of the Andes stands on the border between Argentina and which other country?
Answer:- Chile.

Question (12)  Of which Country is Sofia the capital?
Answer:- Bulgaria.

Question (13)  What is meant by the musical term ‘andante’?
Answer:- At a moderate tempo.

Question (14)  Which saint’s day falls on 17 March?
Answer:- Patrick.

Question (15)  Which is the world’s largest dry desert?
Answer:- Sahara.

Question (16)  Which Christian festival is celebrated on 6 January?
Answer:- Epiphany.

Question (17)  To which king is the Book of Proverbs in the Old Testament traditionally ascribed?
Answer:- Solomon.

Question (18)  Which sign of the zodiac governs the period from 23 July to 22 August?
Answer:- Leo.

Question (19)  Name the first country to issued paper currency?
Answer:- China.

Question (20)  Which four-times World Super bike Champion announced his retirement in 2000?
Answer:- Carl Fogarty.

Question (21)  What name is given to the dried excrement of fish-eating birds, used as a fertilizer?
Answer:- Guano.

Question (22)  During which war was the 1970 film Darling Lili set?
Answer:- World War I.

Question (23)  What is the color of the ball worth one point in the Game of snooker?
Answer:- Red.

Question (24)  What is the derived SI unit of electrical capacitance?
Answer:- Farad.

Question (25)  What does the legal term ‘Caveat Emptor’ mean?
Answer:- ‘Let the buyer beware’.


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