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World Top 50 Hardest GK Questions Answers Quiz In English

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World Top 50 Hardest GK Questions Answers Quiz

Hello GkQuestionBank Readers. Today we have updated this ‘World Top 50 Hardest GK Questions Answers Quiz In English‘ Set-1 for your test and exams preparations. We have given the most important 50 Hardest GK Questions Answers collected from many general studies topics those are really important to read and learn for any high level competitive examinations. It will also boost your General Knowledge for higher level exams.

World Top 50 Hardest GK Questions Answers Quiz

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Question No (1) ‘Ophelia’ is the Natural satellites (Moon) of which Planet in our Solar System?
Answer: ‘Uranus’.

Question No (2) ‘Metis’ is Moon of the ‘Jupiter’. When was ‘Metis’ discovered and by which Satellite?
Answer: In 1979 by ‘Voyager 1’.

Question No (3) Wikipedia was founded by ‘Jimmy Wales’ and ‘Larry Sanger’ on which date?
Answer: On January 15, 2001.

Question No (4) Mobile operating system ‘Android’ was developed by Google. It is based on which software?
Answer: Modified version of the Linux kernel.

Question No (5) Apple Inc. was founded by three persons: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and who was the 3rd founder of Apple Inc. in April 1976?
Answer: Ronald Wayne.

Question No (6) Which river have the largest drainage basin area (10th in world)?
Answer: Congo River (basin area – 3,730,881 sq. km).

Question No (7) John de Gray served as Bishop of Norwich. When he was elected as Bishop of Norwich?
Answer: 7 September 1200.

Question No (8) What is the Origin of ‘Grasobern Card Game’?
Answer: Germany.

Question No (9) Which city is known as the home of the world’s oldest oil paintings?
Answer: Bamyan (city in Afghanistan).

Question No (10) ‘Statue of Arash’ the Archer is located at where?
Answer: In Sa’dabad Complex at Tehran.

Question No (11) ‘Serra da Capivara National Park’ is the most visited park in Brazil and became a World Heritage Site in 1991. This park is famous for what?
Answer: Prehistoric Paintings.

Question No (12) Who was the Empire of Brazil, reigning for over 58 years (2 December 1825 to 5 December 1891)?
Answer: ‘Pedro II’ (he was the second and last monarch of Brazil).

Question No (13) Photographic process “Heliography” was invented by Nicéphore Niépce in 1822. He belongs to which country?
Answer: France.

Question No (14) Shakkar River is Tributary of which river in India?
Answer: Narmada River at Madhya Pradesh.

Question No (15) Vaitarna River drinking water supply is for which city in India?
Answer: Mumbai.

Question No (16) Who was the Governor-General of India between 1916-1921?
Answer: Frederic John Napier Thesiger.

Question No (17) The first Governor-General of independent India “Louis Mountbatten” was assassinated by whom?
Answer: IRA (Irish Republican Army) terrorists by IRA Bomb in 1979.

Question No (18) Omaha is the largest city of US state ‘Nebraska’. Who were the first residents of this city?
Answer: Native Americans.

Question No (19) Richmond is the capital of US state ‘Virginia’. Here the ‘University of Richmond’ was founded by whom?
Answer: Virginia Baptists in 1830.

Question No (20) Physical explosive “Gunpowder” was invented at where?
Answer: Chinese alchemy of ‘Taoism’.

Question No (21) Nizhnyaya Tunguska River is located at where and what is the total Length of this river?
Answer: In Siberia, Russia with the Length of 2,989 km or 1,857 miles.

Question No (22) Who Proposed the idea of fresh water under Antarctic ice sheets and when?
Answer: Russian Scientist and Geographer “Peter Kropotkin” at the end of 19th century.

Question No (23) “Saint Petersburg” is the 2nd largest city in Russia. It was founded by whom and when?
Answer: “Peter the Great” in 27 May 1703.

Question No (24) The first international Olympic Games was held in 1896. How many athletes of Denmark participated in this Olympic Games?
Answer: 3 athletes participated 5 sport games.

Question No (25) Which Association was taken over by ‘International Cycling Union’ and formed in 1990?
Answer: International Cycling Association in 1892.

Question No (26) 2010 FIFA World Cup was held in South Africa between 11 June to 11 July. How many teams participated in this World Cup?
Answer: 32 teams from 6 confederations.

Question No (27) In Indian Currency Notes ‘Rupee’ we see the picture of ‘Mahatma Gandhi’. Which year this photo of Mahatma Gandhi was taken?
Answer: In 1946.

Question No (28) ‘Comet Hyakutake’ was discovered in 1996 by Yuji Hyakutake. By which device he discovered Comet Hyakutake?
Answer: Binoculars.

Question No (29) ‘Harry Potter’ is the novel written by J. K. Rowling a British author. Where she wrote the first Harry Potter novel?
Answer: The Elephant House cafe in Edinburgh.

Question No (30) ‘Zail Singh’ was the seventh President of India from 1982 to 1987. He was awarded by the ‘Order of St. Thomas’ given by whom?
Answer: Indian Orthodox Church.

Question No (31) Printing Press was invented by ‘Johannes Gutenberg’ in which year?
Answer: Year 1439.

Question No (32) One of the earliest PCs (Personal Computer) was introduced in 1974 by whom?
Answer: Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS).

Question No (33) Holography was invented by Hungarian-British physicist ‘Dennis Gabor’. When he was awarded by Nobel Prize in Physics?
Answer: In 1971 for his invention of holographic method.

Question No (34) At the age of 15, Italian retail clothing company founder ‘Renzo Rosso’ stitching jeans on a sewing machine. What is the parent company of Diesel?
Answer: OTB Group.

Question No (35) Cryptocurrency ‘Verge Currency’ was founded in 2014 under what?
Answer: DogeCoinDark and rebranded in 2016.

Question No (36) Cryptocurrency ‘Bitcoin’ was the first decentralized cryptocurrency created by Satoshi Nakamoto. When the first version of Bitcoin 0.1 was released by him?
Answer: On 9 January 2009.

Question No (37) To understand physical features of oceans, seas, coastal areas, lakes and rivers; people use Hydrography method for preparation. When the first chart was introduced by the help of Hydrography?
Answer: In 1800. Chart was about Quiberon Bay in Brittany, France.

Question No (38) Which sea species is only extant member of the family ‘Rhincodontidae’?
Answer: Whale Shark.

Question No (39) ‘Leafy Seadragon’ is the marine fish in the family of ‘Syngnathidae’. What is the class of this species?
Answer: Actinopterygii.

Question No (40) ‘Ni Zan’ was one of the famous Chinese painter. He painted the ‘Rongxi Studio’ in 1372 and given to whom?
Answer: His Friend ‘Bo-xuan’.

Question No (41) ‘Mount Elbrus’ located in Russia have two summit; east summit and west summit. When the first ascended of east summit was done?
Answer: On 10 July 1829 by Khillar Khachirov.

Question No (42) ‘Mount Erebus’ which is second-highest volcano in Antarctica was first ascent by whom?
Answer: Edgeworth David in 1908.

Question No (43) Elma and Liliana Katia is the older sisters of which Portuguese professional footballer?
Answer: ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’ born in 5 February 1985.

Question No (44) First plastic ‘Bakelilte’ was made from synthetic components. Who made it?
Answer: American chemist “Leo Baekeland” in 1907.

Question No (45) ‘Airco DH.4’ a British two-seat biplane done first flight on August 1916. When this combat aircraft entered into operational service?
Answer: 6 March 1917 in France.

Question No (46) When the term ‘First World War’ was used first and by whom?
Answer: September 1914 by ‘Ernst Haeckel’ (German biologist and philosopher).

Question No (47) ‘Guglielmo Marconi’ is credited as the inventor of the ‘Radio’. In 1909 he got the Nobel Prize in what?
Answer: Physics.

Question No (48) A steam engine that produced continued rotary motion was patented by ‘James Watt’ in 1781. This steam engine was power of?
Answer: 10 horsepower (7,500 W).

Question No (49) Amazon.com, Inc. was founded in July 5, 1994 by American technology entrepreneur ‘Jeff Bezos’. When ‘Thomas O. Ryder’ became the member of BOD (board of directors) in Amazon?
Answer: In 2002.

Question No (50) ‘Jack Ma Yun’ (retired on 10th September, 2019 ) is the founder of ‘Alibaba Group’. Alibaba have operations in how many countries?
Answer: 200 countries and territories till 2018.

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